A kneeling chair is a type of ergonomic chair that has been designed to shift your weight forward, eliminating the lot of back pain that a user usually experiences during sitting in a regular chair. With its unique structure, such a chair offers multiple ergonomic benefits. Unlike a typical chair, it has a totally different way of sitting.

If you are planning to buy this piece of furniture, you must know how to sit on a kneeling chair and how to use it in a proper way. Before making a purchase, you must be well aware of its usage, adjustability, benefits, how does it work, and what is this chair good for?

What is a Kneeling Chair?

A Kneeling chair consists of a tilted seat and knee cushions. When you sit on it, the forward-tilted seat (120-140 degrees) opens up your hips and puts the body in a natural S-shaped posture just like the way when you stand.

Its tilting seating style tilts our pelvis forward, helping to achieve a healthy and balanced posture, which otherwise is quite difficult with a regular chair that has a flat seat (90 degrees angle). The tilted knee cushions provide soft support to the knees, helping the user sit for hours.

In addition, a genuine Kneeling chair has the ability to rock. With a round-shaped bottom, these chairs let you enjoy the seating by rocking forwards and backward.

Sitting on a Kneeling Chair: The best way

Got the Kneeling chair and confused about how to sit on it? Well, we will explain the method in a quite simple way. The chair with its unique design requires you to sit in a different way.

Before knowing the method, you should understand that this chair has two sitting components: 1. Seat pad, and 2. Knee pads.

The best method to sit on a Kneeling chair is to sit on the seat pad and move your legs into the frame so that the knees are placed on the knee pads. Knee pads also accommodate the upper part of the tibia too. With the bending position of the leg, the heels will be upward and the toes will be facing the downside. These chairs come with a rounded frame to serve the rocking function, allowing you to move forward and backward.

Best way to sit on a kneeling chair

At first attempt, you cannot sit on these chairs for a long time, you shouldn’t worry as it’s quite normal for all new guys.

Then how to use this chair :)?

Sit as long as you feel relaxed. Then switch to the regular chair if you feel tired. Again sit back on the Kneeling chair. A little repeat switching will make you align with this new furniture. This way, you will be used to, and start enjoying these chairs.  

Kneeling Chair Adjustments

Some of the Kneeling chairs have fixed sizes to work as a one-size-fits-all model. While other chairs come with height adjustment options. With these options, you can easily raise or lower the height of either seat or knee pads. The seat height varies from brand to brand, and it usually falls between 20”- 32” for adults.

Some of these chairs use the hydraulic gas lift to adjust the seat height, while others use the rotating knob to control the seat height. These chairs have 3-4 in the frame to adjust the height of knee pads. These features let you adjust the space between the seat pad and knee pad, allowing you comfortably sit. More importantly, these chairs can be shared by multiple users.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Kneeling Chair

Never jump to purchase a Kneeling chair without knowing its features. A number of cheap versions of these are available in the market, so you should take into account the following points before the final purchase.

  • Not every chair that has seat and knee pads is called a Kneeling chair. Being an ergonomic piece of furniture, a genuine Kneeling chair always has a forward-tilted seat (120-140 degrees) and knee pads. Without these features, don’t expect these chairs to serve the functions you are looking for.
  • A big number of these chairs come with a flat bottom. To enjoy the real beauty of Kneeling chairs, you should get a chair that has a rounded bottom to offer the rocking function. This feature makes sitting more pleasant.

Note: Keep in mind only the fixed-sized chair comes with a rocking feature. While adjustable chairs have flat bottoms with or without casters and they don’t offer a rocking function

  • Getting an adjustable chair always proves more advantageous than a fixed one. You better choose a chair that has adjustment features, making it easy to customize and use by multiple users.
  • Look at the thickness and material of the cushions. Thick and soft cushions work best for the seat, while the knee cushions should be thick and stiff as they have to lift the weight of the user.

Benefits of Kneeling Chair

  1. Improves posture by putting you in an S-shape curve.
  2. Equally, distribute the pressure between the legs and buttocks.
  3. Relieves neck and back pain and keeps the back upright.
  4. Helps in the natural alignment of the spine.
  5. Reduces the hunching.
  6. Greatly alleviates the pressure on the spinal discs.
  7. Back-and-forth rocking helps to concentrate more.
  8. These chairs keep your chest in a straight position, boosting breathing and digestion by making the internal organs relaxed.
  9. An open chair with the best air circulation, minimizing the formation of sweat marks.

How does a kneeling chair work?

Unlike a regular office chair, a Kneeling has two sitting platforms: A seat pad and Knee pads, equally distributing the pressure between your buttock and legs. A flat chair put almost all the pressure on the buttock. But, Kneeling chairs also make use of knees to bear the body weight. All this is done due to the tilted seat and knee pads. The tilted seat transfers the pressure to the knees, helping to relax the whole body.

How does a kneeling chair work

Cleaning A Kneeling Chair

It is important to keep these chairs neat and clean. The knee cushion should be cleaner as it will be resting your knees and legs.

  1. A scheduled dusting and vacuum cleaning greatly remove the dust, hair, dirt, etc from your chair, making it last longer.
  2. If you drop a coffee, food, drink, etc, immediately wipe off and blot the liquid with a clean towel or paper towel. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning first before applying any treatment. Make a mild solution of a liquid detergent, and apply it with a clean sponge. Gently rub the stain with a sponge in a circular motion. Consult the professionals in case you don’t find a positive result.
  3. Some of these chairs come with leather covering for the seat and knee cushions. In that case, keep the hand sanitizer away as it leaves stain marks on the leather. If it happens to drop, you can our detailed guide to removing hand sanitizer stains from leather.

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