The buildup of hairspray on leather materials like chairs, handbags, purses, car seats, and clothes leaves stain marks. Unlike fabric, a leather chair requires specific treatment to remove hairspray. Hairspray not only affects the leather chair’s look, but the alcohol in it also damages the leather upholstery. In this article, I will explain different methods in detail to remove oily hairspray stains from leather.

Method 1

  1. The first step includes vacuuming the chair to remove dust and debris. Remove the pillows and throws before vacuum cleaning.
  2. Mix 2 or 3 parts white vinegar to 1 part olive oil in a small container.
  3. Wet a piece of clean cloth with the solution, and blot the hairspray. The acidic vinegar in the solution will break the bonds of hairspray on the leather chair.
  4. Keep blotting until the hairspray completely moves out of leather.
  5. Air dry the leather or use a clean cloth to buff. The olive oil in the solution works as a conditioner to shine the leather.

Method 2

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon liquid dishwashing detergent to 2 cups cold water. Blend it well.
  2. Dip a piece of clean cloth in the solution and use it to blot the hairspray stain. Keep blotting until the detergent breaks the hairspray on the leather chair.
  3. Remove the turbid water with a clean towel dipped in cold water. Repeat the process until the hairspray is completely removed from the chair.
  4. Don’t forget to apply the mild spray of leather conditioner to restore the shining.
  5. You can use this method both on leather and fabric chairs.

Method 3

  1. Wet a small piece of towel with warm water and dab it onto the hairspray on the leather. Do it until the water absorbs. Once absorbed, don’t let hairspray dry.
  2. Scrub the area of the leather chair to break hairspray. Wipe out the loose hairspray with a clean cloth or soft brush.
  3. Once cleaned, apply a leather conditioner to shine the leather.

Method 4

  1. The hairspray from a leather chair can be removed using a dry cleaning solvent. Apply the solvent with a clean cloth onto the stain and rub it.
  2. Use another clean towel to absorb the solvent. Repeat the process to remove tough stains.
  3. Once done, spray the leather conditioner.


Can You Use Lysol Wipes On Leather?

A big No. Lysol wipes or other Lysol disinfectant products contain alcohol which removes natural oil and moisture from the leather. This, in turn, causes leather dryness, reduces the shine, and eventually damages the leather.

However, synthetic leather could be an exception, and it can be treated with a Lysol product.


Apply these treatments to different leather products like furniture, jackets, clothes, car seat, salon chairs, belts, hands bags, etc.

The leather contains natural oil. Any cleaning process removes the oil from the leather and makes it dry. Once cleaned, always apply a leather conditioner to restore the shine.

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