In this era of inflation, owning a big apartment could be a dream, and most people used to live in small living spaces. For small homes, we have limited choices when it comes to outdoor furniture. Ikea is one of the brands that offer you foldable sets of tables and chairs that perfectly suit your balcony and other small spaces. Askholmen and Tarno are two of its most liked sets of outdoor chairs and tables. You will be feeling the natural expression of wood as both come with durable solid acacia wood. In this article, I will be having a detailed analysis and comparison of Askholmen Vs Tarno.

Tarno tables and chairs are made of a mix of wood, steel, and plastic. The legs of both the table and chair are made of steel while the chair seat, back, and table top have a build of solid acacia wood. Both of Tarno’s products have plastic feet. Comparatively, they are a bit light and have low dimensions.

Askholmen table and chair are solely made of solid acacia wood. Compared with Tarno, its table and chair have a bit more weight, more dimensions, and more prices.

Askholmen Vs Tarno: Differences

Only wood
Table & Chair
Table & Chair
Table Height27.5″28.75″
Width – Length
21.2″ – 21.6″23.6″ – 24.3″
Table Weight13 lb 5 oz13 lb 11 oz
Chair Height31.1″34.25″
Width – Depth
15.3″ – 15.7″14 .12″ – 19.25″
Seat Height17.7″18.1″
Width – Depth
15.3″ – 11″14.1″ – 11.7″
Chair Weight9 lb 2 oz9 lb 9 oz
Askholmen vs Tarno: Differences


Tarno tables and chairs have a built of wood, steel, and plastic. Durable solid acacia wood with acrylic stain has been used both in tables and chairs. They used polyester powder-coated steel and polypropylene plastic.

While the Askholmen tables and chairs come solely made of solid acacia wood being coated with acrylic stain.

Table and Chair Legs

Tarno tables and chairs come with steel legs. The rail and support of both table and chair are also made of steel.

The Askholmen, on the other side, have wooden legs both in the chair and table.

Table and Chair Feet

The Tarno tables and chairs have polypropylene plastic feet.

While the Askholmen has wooden feet.

Table Height

The Tarno has a table height of 27.5″.

While the Askholmen has a more table height of 28.75″.

Table Width and Length

Tarno table has a width and length of 21.2″ and 21.6″, respectively.

Askholmen table is a bit large and it comes with a width and length of 23.6″ and 24.3″, respectively.

Table Weight

The Tarno table comes with a weight of 13 lb. 5 oz.

While Askholmen has a bit more weight of 13 lb. 11 oz.

Chair Height

The chair height of Tarno has been found 31.1″.

Askholmen, on other the hand, has more chair height of 34.25″.

Chair Width & Depth

Unlike other dimensions, the Tarno chair has more width of 15.3″ and a less depth of 15.7″.

Askholmen chair has a low width of 14.12″ and a high depth of 19.25″.

Seat Height

The Tarno chair has a seat height of 17.7″.

While Askholmen has a more seat height of 18.1″.

Seat Width & Depth

Tarno comes with more seat width i.e. 15.3″, and a less seat depth of 11″.

Askholmen comparatively has a less seat width of 14.1″, while it has a more seat depth of 11.7″.

Chair Weight

Tarno comes with a weight of 9 lb. 2 oz.

While Askholmen comes with a bit more weight of 9 lb. 9 oz.


Other than chairs, the Tarno table comes unassembled. You will be required to the legs with the table top.

The Askholmen comes fully preassembled. No need for assembly, just unbox and use it.


Tarno chairs and tables have fewer prices. Askholmen chairs and tables have high prices as they come solely made of wood.

Askholmen Vs Tarno: Similarities

Wood usedSolid Acacia Wood
with Acrylic stain
Solid Acacia Wood
with Acrylic stain
Table TopWoodenWooden
Seat & Back
Chair Weight
Holding Capacity
243 lb243 lb
FoldableChairs & TableChairs & Table
CleaningMild soapy
Mild soapy
MaintenanceRe-stain the
Re-stain the
StoringCool and dry placeCool and dry place
Askholmen vs Tarno: Similarities

Wood used

Acrylic-stained solid acacia wood has been used both in Tarno and Askholmen chairs and tables.

Table Top

Both sets consist of wooden table tops.

Chair Seat & Back

The seat and back of both Tarno and Askholmen are built of acacia wood.

Chair Weight Holding Capacity

Chairs of both sets have the same weight holding capacity of 243 lb.


Both Tarno and Askholmen come as outdoor furniture. The material used in both sets can withstand different weather conditions.


The chair and tables of both sets fold flat and take small space to store.


Proper cleaning has been recommended for the chairs and tables of both, and it will help the furniture last longer. Use a mild soapy solution to remove any dirt, dust, stain, etc., once done, use a clean dry cloth to wipe dry.

There are multiple methods to clean different types of chairs like cleaning the dining chairs, cleaning patio furniture mesh, removing blood from chairs, etc.


It has been recommended to re-stain the furniture on regular bases, like once or twice a year. This will prevent the surface from dryness and cracking. It also inhibits the penetration of moisture into the wood.


Better to store the furniture in a cool and dry place, preferably indoors. In the case of outdoor storing, use a waterproof covering.  If getting wet during rain or snowfall, wipe off the excess water and dry it as possible. Air-dry the furniture. You can easily enhance the furniture life by following these steps.

Askholmen Vs Tarno: Durability

The chairs and tables of Tarno and Askholmen are durable enough to last for years.

Both use high quality solid acacia wood. It is one of the most durable wood. Water-resistant and fungus-resistant properties make it an ideal wood for outdoor furniture. The extremely hard and dense wood is not easy to damage. If cleaned and maintained well, it has the capacity to last for years.

In addition to wood, the Tarno uses steel and plastic in its furniture. The polyester powder-coated steel protects the furniture from water and other weather conditions. While the polypropylene plastic used on the feet not only protects the furniture from floor water, it also minimizes the floor scratches.

At the time of purchase, you have an option to choose the chair cushions as an optional product. The cushions contain polyurethane foam with polyester wadding and water-repellent covering.  

Compared with Tarno, the Askholmen has the capacity to last longer.

Askholmen Vs Tarno: Comfort Level

When used, the chairs of both have been found equally comfortable. The seats of Tarno and Askholmen chairs have enough space to sit and relax. For more comfort, there comes the chair cushion. The padded cushions further help you to enjoy the outdoor comfy sitting.


We talked about each and every aspect of both Tarno and Askholmen. Both have excellent build and durability.

If you have enough bucks and you like a natural look, Askholmen would be the best choice for you as its furniture not only gives nature wood expression but also has the capacity to last longer.

If you are running out of money or you need outdoor furniture for short time, Tarno would better suit you as its chairs and tables have fewer prices and are durable enough to last for years.

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