Herman Miller is a well-known brand for office furniture, chairs, desks, etc. Among these products, Embody is a popular and ergonomically engineered office chair. After feeling the huge popularity of this chair among users, the brand decided to make a gaming version of Embody, called Logitech Embody. This new product is a joint venture of Herman Miller and Logitech G, a known brand in the gaming field. In this article, I will be discussing in detail Embody Vs Logitech Embody.

The main difference between Embody and Logitech Embody is that Embody is an office chair, while Logitech Embody is a gaming chair. Logitech Embody is the same as Embody except it has an additional cooling foam padding both on the back and seat. Unlike regular Embody, it has cosmetic touch-ups like blue or black accents, a branded strap, a Logitech G logo on the back, etc.

Embody Vs Logitech Embody: Differences

FeaturesEmbodyLogitech Embody
SeatBreathable with four support layersBreathable with four support layers
Cooling Foam padding (copper-infused)
BackPixelated supportPixelated support
Cooling Foam padding (copper-infused)
Height43.5 inches45 inches
Upholstery Options2
(Medley or Sync fabric)
(Sync fabric)
Color Options1 Color
(2 accent colors)
9 Colors
(no accent color)
BrandHerman MillerHerman Miller + Logitech G
Chair typeOfficeGaming

Cooling Foam Padding

The Logitech Embody comes with cooling foam padding. Such padding covers both the seat and the back (middle of the back). The foam used in padding consists of copper-infused particles which help to regulate the body temperature. Such a feature makes it ideal for gamers as it helps in long gaming sessions.

For me, the foam is soft and it may feel like memory foam. The padding has horizontal ridges both on the seat and back. These ridges help in airflow to keep the body cool.

The regular chair, on the other hand, does not have such padding over the seat and back. It only has a very small layer of scrim foam.

Accent Colors

The gaming-type chair has blue or black accents. You can choose any of two accents at the time of purchase. As I choose blue, my chair came with blue/cyan accents.  The blue accents on the back, underarm buttons, and joystick make the chair unique and attractive.

In contrast with the black covering, the blue accents nicely boost the uniqueness of the chair. You can choose the black accents as well if you like but IMO, the blue accents better suit the gaming station.

If black accents are selected, the chair will come with black accents on the backrest and silver accents on the armrests and casters.

The regular chair, on other hand, does not have such an accent color.

Branded Strap

There is a strap attached to the top backside of the new version. The chair comes as a joint venture of Herman Miller and Logitech G, so the logos of both brands got printed on the strap. I like the branded strap as it reflects the brand authentication, and also makes the chair different from others.

While in the regular chair, there is no such branded strap.

Logitech G Logo

The gaming chair, a modified version has a beautiful logo of the Logitech G brand on the top front of the back.

While the normal one does not have any logo on its back.

A summary of touch-ups of Logitech Embody

Upholstery Options

Herman Miller offers different types of very high-quality fabrics like Balance, Rhythm, Sync, Medley, etc.

It has been found the first one comes only in Sync fabric, a 100% polyester fabric.

While the latter is available in Medley and Sync fabrics. Both are high-quality 100% polyester fabrics.

Color Options

The earlier comes with a black fabric covering only. However, you have options to choose the accent colors. One version of it has blue accents while the other version comes with black accents.

The latter on the other side is available in nine (9) different colors, and it does not have an accent color.


The former is owned by both the Herman Miller and Logitech G brands.

While the latter is a product of the Herman Miller brand.


It has been found that the gaming chair has a bit more height and it is 45 inches. While the regular has less height of 43.5 inches.

Chair type

The previous is a gaming chair.

While the regular one is an office chair.


Logitech’s chair has a low price compared with the regular one. high points for comfort.

Embody Vs Logitech Embody: Similarities

FeaturesEmbodyLogitech Embody
Dimensions29.5″ W 29″ D29.5″ W 29″ D
Seat Height (Min-Max)16″-20.5″16″-20.5″
FrameDie-cast AluminumDie-cast Aluminum
(Five-star base)
(Five-star base)
Weight Capacity300 lbs300 lbs
Backfit™ adjustmentYesYes
CastersCarpet Casters
Hard Floor Casters
Carpet Casters
Hard Floor Casters
Warranty12-Year (3 shifts)
Includes electrical components,
and all moving mechanisms.
12-Year (3 shifts)
Includes electrical components,
and all moving mechanisms.

Pixelated Support

Both chairs have the same type of pixelated seat and back. The “pixels” are highly sensitive to pressure, and they are independent of one another. The pixelated structure is specifically designed to distribute pressure, align the spine in a natural position, and provide support for healthy movements in ergonomic seating.

Regardless of any posture, the seat and back with flexible pixels conform automatically to the user’s body. In this way, the chair distributes the weight optimally, boosts the blood flow, and helps in thermal regulation.  


Both have PostureFit® to support the lower spine and sacrum region. It reinforces the pelvis forward and prevents slouching, thus reducing muscle fatigue while you sit.

Backfit™ Adjustment

Both chairs have Backfit™ adjustment. The central spine of the back and flexible ribs align the backrest with the natural curve of the user, thus helping to achieve a natural, healthier, and balanced posture.

Multi-layered Seat

Multi-layered seat (4 layers) is present in each of the two. These layers, located below the pixel, work together to give a collective response to the pressure you’re applying on. That’s the reason why these chairs have thin yet comfortable upholstery. Besides holding the pressure, the layers help in airflow to keep the body cool as you sit.

Narrow Upper Back

Both types of chairs have narrow upper-back designs. It not only helps in torso movements but also boosts the airflow into the lungs by letting the arms move freely.

Tilt + Kicker

The tilt and “kicker” features are found in both. The tilt mechanism is designed in a way to support the body through different ranges of posture whether you are sitting upright or enjoying a full recline position. It ensures balanced motion in different posture positions.

Unlike other chairs, in addition to tilt, these chairs come with a feature to provide an extra extension to recline. Such a feature is called “kicker” and it allows you to enjoy an extended recline for stretching.

Frame and Base

The frame and five-star base of each one is made of high-quality die-cast aluminum. Both come with the capacity to withstand heavy pressure of up to 300 lbs.

Build quality

Both chairs are lightweight, highly durable, and can last for years. They have premium upholsteries. The body parts are made of die-cast aluminum and high-quality plastic materials.

The four-layered seats are strong enough to lift high loads. Both of these chairs come with high-quality 2.5-inch carpet casters or hard floor casters.

Embody Vs Logitech Embody: Adjustments

You don’t need to worry as both offer the same adjustments for the seat, armrests, backrest, etc.

Seat Adjustment

Seat Depth

There are two handles on both sides of the seat for seat depth adjustment. When seated, hold both handles and lift them a bit to pull them forward or back. This way, you will be able to adjust the front edge of the seat.

Seat Height

To raise or lower the seat, find a joystick inside the tilt tension knob on the right side of the chair. If you like to raise the seat, lift your weight, pull the joystick up, and it will move the seat up. To lower the seat, sit in the chair and pull the joystick up, and it will lower the seat.

Armrests adjustments

Arm Height

Each comes with an underneath button.

Hold the arm while pressing the underneath button and pull it to your desired position to raise the arm. Release the button to lock it.

To lower the arm, hold the arm while pressing the underneath button, and lower it to your desired position. Release the button to lock it.

Arm Width

Adjusting the arm width of these chairs is a cool feature. Simply push the arms inward or outward.

Back Adjustments

Tilt-limiter adjustment

A lever found on the left side of the seat offers four (4) different settings to lean back.

  • If the lever is fully down, you can enjoy the full recline.
  • If the lever is one step up, you can have a 75% recline.
  • With a lever two steps up, around 50% recline will be possible.
  • While the upright lever locks the back and you will not be able to recline.

Tilt tension adjustment

To adjust the tilt tension, find the large rotating knob below the right side of the seat. With the knob, we can adjust the amount of pressure on the back when we are leaning.

  • Turning the knob clockwise increases the tension, and it will be difficult to lean back.
  • Turning the knob anti-clockwise decreases the tension, and it will be easy to lean back.

BackFit™ Adjustment

The BackFit™ adjustment gives you more control over the back. You can use the back in two different positions either upright/flat back or curved back. You can adjust between these positions too. With these adjustments, align the back of the chair with the curvature of your entire back so that your head has a better alignment with the working screen.

There is a rotating knob on the right side behind the seat.

  • Rotate the knob clockwise to a full forward position for an upright or flat back. In an upright position, the chair pushes you forward and you will get more upper-back support.
  • For a curved back, rotate the knob counterclockwise. In a curved position, the chair has a lean back and you will be getting lower back support.

Embody Vs Logitech Embody: Comfort Level

Each of the two provides excellent comfort. They are specifically designed to support long sitting sessions. You can sit in these premium chairs for the whole day. These chairs have all the ergonomic features. The high-quality upholsteries are not only soft and comfortable but also breathable.

The pixelated framework in the seat and back is pressure-sensitive, and it quickly adjusts with the body to provide maximum support. Plus, the tilt feature of the chairs provides support in different postures. While the “kicker” allows you an extended recline. With Backfit™ adjustments, these chairs help in achieving a balanced and healthy posture. The extraordinary comfort gives you a sense of floating when you sit in the chair.

The first one comes with copper-infused foam padding. The padding not only feels soft but also helps in thermoregulation. Copper particles help in heat transfer. The soft paddings on the seat and back are ideal for gamers who play games while sitting upright. Whenever I sit in Logitech Embody, I feel less pixelated support due to the padding.

The last one on other hand does not have any cooling foam paddings. Rather, It has a very thin scrim foam attached to the back of the fabric. For me, the Embody has better breathing than Logitech Embody. Overall, both chairs score high points for comfort.


Pros of using Embody

  • Exceptional comfort
  • Better breathing
  • Backfit™ adjustments

Cons of using Embody

  • Pricey

Pros of using Logitech Embody

  • Back and seat with soft padding
  • Outclass aesthetics and accent colors
  • copper-infused cooling foam
  • Backfit™ adjustments

Cons of using Logitech Embody

  • Pricey


We compared and analyzed both chairs based on specifications, upholstery & color options, ergonomic features, and other adjustments. Both chairs are almost the same except the Logitech Embody has additional features of foam padding and some visual changes.

If you are a desk worker and have a wallet full of bucks, you should go for a regular one as it is one of the top ergonomic office chairs in the market. Its aesthetics better suits the office environment and its comfort is outclassed.

If you are a gamer and you sit in your seat for hours, the gaming version would be the best chair for you as it is specifically designed for gamers. It has soft padding on its back and seat to provide you with better comfort. While the copper-infused foam will keep you cool during long sitting sessions. Plus, its aesthetics match well with the gaming room.

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