If you are a gamer, you must be quite familiar and have often compared Gtracing vs Dxracer, the most well-known brands in the gamer’s community. Both are considered popular among gamers and streamers. As these guys spent a big part of their time sitting, there must be a chair that offers ergonomic features, helping in healthy posture and improving the overall performance. Both brands come up with distinctive ergo features for the chairs like backrest, lumbar support, footrest, etc.

The main difference between Gtracing and Dxracer Gaming Chairs is the pricing and quality. Offering almost the same features as its competitors, Gtracing gaming chairs come as low-budget products. While Dxracer has a high price range and they come with better quality and comfort.

Let’s dig further to understand the differences between both brands in terms of ergonomics and other features.

Gtracing vs Dxracer- Overview

Both brands have their own value as per the features offered. Being known manufacturers, they are designing chairs that can support long hours of sitting.  On one side, they are competing to add more ergonomic features, while on the other side there is a competition for the chair look.

Gtracing chairs are one of the best low-budget chairs with all the functionalities that a gamer needs. The chairs by Gtracing come with an adjustable headrest, armrest, and many more features that an expensive chair offers.

The low and mid-budget chairs (Classic, Audio, and Premium series) by Gtracing come with all the basic gamers’ requirements like adjustable armrests, headrest, and lumbar support. These chairs have an excellent reclining mechanism.

Unlike other series, the Pro series of Gtracing comes with an adjustable footrest.  The retractable footrest helps the gamer enjoy long gaming sessions while resting their feet. It lets you nap when you’re tired.

Dxracer is one of the top-notch brands in the gaming industry. The brand is known for its high-quality chair designs in the racing and gaming fields. The chairs by Dxracer provide all the gaming and ergonomic features.

The brand offers three categories of chairs (Formula series, King series, and Master series), each with its own distinctive features. Despite many other functionalities, all its chairs come with adjustable 4D armrests, a metallic frame, and PU casters.

Gtracing vs Dxracer: Specification and Comparison

Racing Style
Gaming Chair
Gaming Chair With
Bluetooth Speaker
High Back Ergonomic
Formula Series
King Series
Master Series
Product Dimension20.86″D x 21.26″W x 51.97″H26.77″D x 26.77″W x 50.59″H21.26″D x 20.86″W x 48.82″H27.5″D x 27.5″W x 52″H27.5″D x 27.5″W x 56″H28.5″D x 28.5″W x 53.5″H
Heavy Duty Plastic Base
Heavy Duty Plastic Base
Metal & Plastic Base
27.5” Wide Aluminum Base27.5” Wide Aluminum Base27.5” Wide Aluminum Base
Cover MaterialPU LeatherFaux LeatherClothPVC LeatherPVC LeatherMicrofiber Leather
Weight Capacity300lbs300lbs400lbs200lbs275lbs275lbs
Adjustable Back AngleUp to 160° Up to 170° Up to 170° Up to 135° Up to 135° Up to 155°
CasterNylon CasterNylon CasterNylon
Room TypeOfficeOfficeGame Recreation RoomOfficeOfficeOffice
Distinctive FeaturesRacing Style ChairChair with Speakers, BluetoothBreathing Fabric for long hours of SittingRacing Style Chair, for Slim UsersRacing Style Chair,
Extra Wide Seat,
Extra Large Backrest,
Adjustable seat Width and Height, Holds 6’5″ tall person
Executive Chair, Replaceable Seat Cushion, Car-Seat Lumbar Support,
Removable Backrest, Sliding Headrest
Gtracing vs Dxracer: Comparison

GTRacing Gaming Chairs:

I will explain three gaming chair series in detail

Classic Series (Racing Style Gaming Chair) by GTRacing


  • Racing car style makes it ideal for a game room or modern office.
  • Thick padded seat & back.
  • Strong metal frame.
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable armrest, set height, lumbar support, and removable headrest.


  • Armrest wiggles, and won’t stay in
  • The seat cushion is hard, and very flat.

The classic series proved the best low-budget chair for pro gamers. The chair provides a comfortable seating position for long gaming sessions. Well-padded seat and back make it more ergonomic. It has 90~160°reclining & rocking, and 360°swivel.

Ratings by Features

  • Quality of material: 3.8/5
  • For Gaming: 4.2/5
  • Comfort: 4.6/5
  • Easy to assemble: 4.3/5
  • Support: 4.0/5

Audio Series Chairs by GTRacing


  • Bluetooth Speakers.
  • Wide and thick built-in metal frame.
  • The chair offers 90°-170° tilt and swing in the range of 20°.


  • Low quality audio system.
  • Gas cylinder and tilting mechanism require improvements.

Ratings by Features

  • Sturdiness: 4.7/5
  • For Gaming: 4.5/5
  • Comfort: 4.6/5
  • Easy to assemble: 4.4/5
  • Support: 4.4/5

Being equipped with Bluetooth speakers, these chars give next-level gaming enjoyment. These are a bit more expensive than classic series models. You will be more comfortable as the chair features a wide, metallic frame and thick padded seat & backrest.

The armrests and seat height can be easily adjusted as per user demands. The chair comes with an ergonomic headrest and a lumbar pillow which helps to reduce neck and back soreness.

Premium Series Chairs by GTRacing


  • Breathable fabric for long hours of sitting.
  • High back ergonomic chair with attractive racing style.
  • A thick solid steel frame.
  • Seat cushion made of soft and high-density sponge.


  • Armrests are loose and wiggle, issues with padding too.
  • No good feedback regarding the seat cushion, it needs improvements.

Ratings by Features

  • Sturdiness: 4.1/5
  • For Gaming: 3.8/5
  • Comfort: 3.5/5
  • Easy to assemble: 4.1/5
  • Support: 3.6/5

Being equipped with breathable fabric, these chairs are one of the best chairs for long hours of sitting. The skin-friendly fabric helps the users during the long gaming session. The chairs feature a high back ergonomic design which makes them ideal for gaming and modern office.

All other functions like an adjustable armrest, backrest, seat height, and headrest are present in these chairs. Moreover, the chair has a strong steel frame.

Dxracer Gaming Chairs:

Here is the in-depth analysis of Dxracer gaming chairs.

Formula Series (Classic E-Sports) Chairs by Dxracer


  • Racing style gaming chair.
  • Ideal for slim users, and perfect for esports.
  • SGS certified class 4 hydraulic piston. Anti-collapse sponge


  • Seat height needs improvements.

Ratings by Features

  • Ergonomic: 4.0/5
  • For Gaming: 4.2/5
  • Comfort: 4.5/5
  • Easy to assemble: 4.6/5
  • Support: 4.4/5

The formula series by Dxracer is one of the best chairs in the gaming community. The ergonomic comfortable seating makes it one of the most sold chairs in the world. All of the chair components are of better quality like class 4 gas lift, full metal frame, and padding with high-density foam.

The chair suits well for gaming rigs and office working. The gamers and streamers have more control over the chair due to its adjustable armrest, set height, and 135-degree reclining backrest.

King Series Chairs by Dxracer


  • 15 % extra wide seat and backrest.
  • High grade upholstery.
  • Class 4 gas lift.
  • Holds a person with height up to 6’5″.


  • Minor issue with seat height.

Not all chairs work for heavy and tall users, but this chair with an extra wide seat and a large backrest could be the one. This chair will give you more space and control to comfortably sit for long hours. The adjustable seat width and height will give you a better gaming experience.

The armrests come with extra padding to provide soft support. More reclining options will help you to have the best position for the gaming. The 3″ Anti scratching PU casters lets the chair move easily.

The maintenance of the chair is easy due to its stain resistant properties. High-grade upholstery gives a pleasant and fresh look.

Master Series Chairs by Dxracer


  • Removable backrest.
  • Rail-mounted sliding headrest.
  • A side-mounted rotary dial lets the chair be easily adjusted for exceptional comfort.
  • Executive ergonomic chair.
  • Excellent lumbar support.
  • Metallic 4D armrests.


  • N/A

Ratings by Features

  • Ergonomic: 4.5/5
  • For Gaming: 5/5
  • Comfort: 4.7/5
  • Easy to assemble: 4.7/5
  • Support: 4.8/5

If you are looking for a high standard and super comfy chair for a gaming rig, the Master series is the answer. This excellent piece is one of the best looking and well performing chairs in the gaming field. The premium microfiber leather makes it luxurious and comfortable.

The ergonomic design chair features a rail-mounted headrest and built-in lumbar support to reduce back and neck pain during long hours of the gaming session. Yow will be able to easily adjust the chair with a side-mounted rotary dial.

All the necessary features like adjustable seat height, 4D armrests, tilt mechanism, etc. are all present in the package. The chair has a class 4 hydraulic gas lift and aluminum casters.

Gtracing vs Dxracer- A Detailed Analysis

Choosing the right chair becomes more difficult when both brands offer the same features. To make it easy, we will discuss and analyze different aspects of both brands in detail.

Sitting Friendly Chairs

Gtracing chairs have enough ergonomic properties to support the hours of gaming sessions. Most of its models come with adjustable armrests, backrest, and lumbar support to facilitate long sitting. Especially, the models with breathable fabric are more sitting friendly.

Dxracer chairs come with well-equipped ergonomic functions to offer a better sitting experience. These chairs have adjustable seat width, height, armrests, and backrest. The gas cylinder is of good quality (class 4 hydraulic gas lift).

Though Gtracing is considered more adjustable than Dxracer, it has been found Dxracer performs much better in long sitting sessions both in gaming and streaming.

Quality Materials & Durability

Gtracing chairs come mostly with heavy-duty plastic bases, nylon casters, and leather or cloth as a covering material. Gtracing lies in a generic chair category and most of its chairs have 3D armrests and an average-quality gas lift (gas cylinder).

Dxracer on other hand is a top premium quality brand and most of its chairs have high-grade leather covering, PU casters, and aluminum bases. The chairs come with soft padding 4D armrests and a class 4 hydraulic lift. Moreover, the headrest and lumbar support are of the best quality.

Apparently, Dxracer has high-quality materials and is more durable than Gtracing.

Design Aesthetics

Though the Gtracing has noticeable design features like adjustable lumbar support and a headrest pillow, it cannot compete with the premium Dxracer models.

Dxracer has more edge over Gtracing in terms of design aesthetics. With more space options and unique designs, the Dxracer wins the hearts of professional gamers.

Conclusion: Which one is best?

We have seen that both brands are offering chairs with almost the same features. You may notice that the Gtracing chairs are much cheaper despite offering plenty of function. Some of the series by Gtracing even claim to have a more reclining angle (up to 170-degree).

If you are running out of budget, go for Gtracing which offers an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, backrest, and seat height. 

However, for professional gaming and streaming, the premium quality Dxracer brand is a top choice. Its chairs are made to last for years. If you have enough bucks and are looking for long-term usage, Dxracer will be the best one.

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