When it comes to high-end ergonomic chairs, you can’t ignore the big player, Herman Miller. They’ve been in the game for a long time and have earned a reputation for producing some of the best office chairs in the market. But if you’re stuck choosing between the Aeron vs Embody models, it can be a tough decision. On one hand, the Aeron is famous for its unique mesh design and durability, while on the other hand, the Embody chair boasts superior ergonomic and lumbar support.   

We’ll take a deep dive into each chair’s features, ergonomics, and price in this article, to help you determine which one will be the better fit for your needs. Ultimately, the decision is subjective, depending on your preferences and specific requirements. Maybe you’re a gamer looking for a comfortable chair or an office worker needing something supportive and adjustable. Here, we provide tailored guidance to match your specific needs with the ideal choice.

The main differentiation between Aeron and Embody lies in their respective designs and features. Aeron is known for its iconic mesh material that provides a high level of breathability and support. It also features an adjustable lumbar support and tilt mechanisms that allow users to customize their seating position for optimal comfort. On the other hand, Embody boasts a more ergonomic design that mimics the natural curve of the spine, providing unparalleled comfort and support. It also features a dynamic matrix of pixels that adjust to the user’s movements, helping to evenly distribute weight and reduce pressure points. Overall, while both chairs are designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind, Aeron prioritizes adjustability and breathability, while Embody emphasizes a more intuitive, supportive design.

Specification: Aeron vs Embody

Size3 sizes
One size
Dimensions (HxWxD)41″–43″ x 28.25″ x 18.5″–20.5″42.5″–45″ x 29.5″ x 15″–18″
Lumbar supportAdjustable PostureFit SLPixelated Support
Seat materialPellicle mesh 4-Layer fabric
Weight capacity 350 lbs300 lbs
Backrest height22″ 26″
Backrest tilt range 93°–104°92°–133°
Armrests Height and angle adjustable
(No Width adjustment)
Height, depth and angle adjustable
Headrest OptionalNot available
Lumbar Support
Seat DepthNot AdjustableAdjustable
Back HeightNot AdjustableAdjustable


Seat Depth

When it comes to seat depth adjustments, the Aeron and Embody chairs differ greatly. The Aeron lacks any seat depth adjustments, while the Embody features adjustable seat depth that can be tailored to a user’s specific needs. With the ability to adjust from 15″ to 18″, the Embody proves ideal for both taller and shorter users. This is particularly useful for those with longer femur length, as they can extend the depth to the maximum of 18″. On the other hand, the Aeron sometimes receives complaints about its plastic seat edge digging into the back of thighs.

Arms Width

The Aeron doesn’t offer any arm width adjustment options. While Embody takes customization to the next level with its adjustable arm width feature. This makes it a great option for those who value adaptability and want to fine-tune their chair’s fit to their body type. In particular, those with wider shoulders appreciate the ability to widen the arms for optimal comfort.

While the Aeron has its own strengths, such as its iconic design and durable construction, its lack of arm width adjustment puts it at a disadvantage when it comes to providing a truly personalized fit.

Back Height

Adjusting the back height is a crucial factor when it comes to finding the perfect chair, and the Embody chair offers a more personalized experience in this aspect. The adjustable back height of the Embody allows users to tailor the chair’s support to their unique needs, providing a comfortable and ergonomic seating experience. On the other hand, the Aeron chair’s fixed back height may not be suitable for everyone, particularly taller individuals who require more support for their upper back and shoulders. Therefore, for users who prioritize back height adjustment, the Embody chair may be a better choice for providing the utmost comfort and customization.


The Aeron chair comes with a choice of four 8-Z Pellicle materials: Pellicle Black, Pellicle Carbon, Pellicle Graphite, and Pellicle Mineral. Pellicle is a unique material that allows air, body heat, and moisture to pass through the seat and backrest, which helps regulate temperature and prevent discomfort during prolonged sitting.

In contrast, the Embody chair has a more extensive range of upholstery options, including four different fabric types: Rhythm, Balance, Tempo, and Sync. Each fabric has a distinct texture and feel, with Rhythm featuring a soft, wool-like texture, and Sync offering a sleek, modern appearance. Additionally, the Embody chair also has leather and vinyl options for those who prefer a more premium look and feel.

Overall, the Embody offers a more diverse selection of upholstery materials, allowing users to choose a fabric that best suits their personal style and comfort preferences. However, the Pellicle material of the Aeron chair provides unique benefits in terms of temperature regulation and comfort during extended sitting sessions.


The Aeron and Embody chairs have distinct visual styles that set them apart from each other. The Aeron features a classic, modern design with a sleek, minimalist profile. Its signature curved lines and mesh material give it a distinctive look that is both understated and sophisticated.

On the other hand, the Embody boasts a more futuristic appearance with its fluid, organic form and unique pixelated pattern. This avant-garde design is meant to evoke a sense of movement and flow, while also providing a comfortable and supportive seating experience.



The Aeron offers a range of adjustments that go beyond the standard seat height and arm height adjustments.

  • Its arm depth and pivot adjustment allows users to find the perfect armrest position to support their forearms and reduce tension in their shoulders.
  • The adjustable lumbar support ensures that the chair provides adequate support to the lower back, which is essential for maintaining good posture and reducing discomfort.

Moreover, the Aeron offers a variety of mechanism options that can help to customize the chair’s tilt and recline functions to suit individual preferences.


On the other hand, the Embody offers a different set of adjustments that cater to different body types and preferences. Its arm width adjustment provides more space for users with broader shoulders, while the seat depth adjustment ensures that the chair accommodates users with longer legs. The back angle adjustment allows users to find the perfect angle to support their spine, while the flexible frame enables them to move more freely and comfortably.

Chair Size

The Aeron and Embody chairs also differ in terms of their sizes, making it easier for users to choose the right fit for their body type.


The Aeron comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

  • The small size is ideal for users who are between 4’10” and 5’5″.
  • The medium size is suitable for users between 5’2″ and 6’6″.
  • While the large size is best for users between 5’3″ and 6’6″.


Meanwhile, the Embody chair is available in only one size, which may not be suitable for all users, especially those who are taller or have a larger frame. However, the Embody’s unique design allows for greater flexibility and can adjust to the user’s body shape, providing a comfortable and supportive seating experience.



The Aeron chair is available in 3 different neutral colors that are designed to work in most modern offices.

  1. Black
  2. Carbon
  3. Mineral

You can also choose from 6 different color combinations for the frame and base

  1. Graphite
  2. Graphite with polished aluminum
  3. Mineral with satin Aluminum
  4. Mineral with Polished Aluminum
  5. Black with polished Aluminum
  6. Black with Onyx Ultra Matte


The Embody chair offers a wider range of colors with 10 different solid colors and two unique patterns to choose from. The solid colors include black, white, red, blue, green, and gray, which means you have more options to find the perfect color for your workspace. Additionally, you can choose between two patterns called rhythm and balance. The rhythm pattern has a series of small dots arranged in a repetitive pattern, while the balance pattern is more abstract with intersecting lines and shapes.

Comfort Level

When it comes to comfort, these chairs both got their own flavor. The Aeron chair is all about breathability, thanks to its dope 8Z Pellicle mesh upholstery that lets air flow and keeps you cool. This feature is clutch for those who spend a lot of time planted in the chair. Plus, the Aeron’s lumbar support is adjustable, so you can tweak it to fit your needs. The PostureFit SL lumbar support upgrade is especially clutch for folks who deal with lower back pain or need to fix their posture.

Now, the Embody chair is on another level with its seat design. The seat is wider and has a suspended plastic coil that promotes healthy micro-movements and distributes your weight evenly. This is key for those long hours where you don’t wanna feel like your hips and thighs are getting crushed. Plus, the Embody’s backrest is super flexible and moves with you, so you’re always getting the support you need.

As for armrests, the Aeron’s arms are connected to the back of the chair, so you can adjust them without messing with the backrest. The Embody’s arms are more limited in their height adjustment, but they make up for it with flexibility. You can move them in different directions to get the most comfortable arm support.

In short, the Aeron’s got the breathability and lumbar support on lock, while the Embody brings the heat with its seat design and flexible backrest.


The Aeron has a 12-year warranty, one of the longest one in the industry. This extensive warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, and the company repairs or replaces any defective parts at no cost to the customer.

In comparison, the Embody chair also offers a warranty, albeit slightly shorter than the Aeron’s. The Embody comes with a 12-year warranty for the frame and a 3-year warranty for the upholstery. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship for the first 12 years of ownership and any defects in materials or workmanship for the upholstery for the first 3 years.

Return Policy

As with any major purchase, it’s essential to consider the return policy before buying any of these chairs. While both of these offer exceptional quality and ergonomic features, sometimes it’s just not the right fit. Herman Miller allows returns of their products within 30 days of purchase, subject to a restocking fee.

However, the return policies of third-party retailers may vary, so it’s important to verify the specifics before making a purchase. Keep in mind that both chairs must be returned in like-new condition and in their original packaging to receive a full refund.

Customers Reviews



The Ultimate Comfortable Chair!” – This reviewer raves about how comfortable and supportive the Aeron Chair is, and how it has helped alleviate their back pain.

The Best Investment for Your Health and Comfort” – Another customer praises the chair’s adjustability and ergonomic design, stating that it has made a huge difference in their posture and overall well-being.

Built to Last” – This reviewer highlights the chair’s durability and long-lasting construction, stating that it is worth the investment for its quality and reliability.


Overpriced and Overrated” – This customer complains about the high price of the Aeron Chair and argues that there are cheaper chairs on the market that offer similar features and comfort.

Not as Comfortable as Advertised” – Some customers have reported that the Aeron Chair did not live up to their expectations, either due to discomfort or other issues such as armrests being too hard or not adjustable.



Amazing Comfort and Ergonomics! – I was hesitant to spend this much money on a chair but it was worth every penny. I sit at a desk for 8+ hours a day and the Embody chair has made a huge difference in my comfort and posture. The chair is adjustable in so many ways, allowing me to customize it to my body and work style. The backrest is also incredibly supportive and I no longer experience any lower back pain. The quality of the chair is excellent and it looks great in my office. Highly recommend!

After 4 years, I can’t live without it – After owning this chair for 4 years, I can confidently say that I would willingly pay double for a replacement. As a computer programmer, I spend a considerable amount of time in my chair, and this chair offers excellent comfort while keeping me alert and focused. During the first week, my back would crack as I adjusted to the better posture it provided.

There are only two minor downsides that I can think of. Firstly, the crack between the back and the seat tends to accumulate dust and debris, and it can be somewhat challenging to clean. Secondly, I wish that the chair could lock into a reclined position.

For those who are serious about ergonomics, I highly recommend pairing this chair with a good footrest and an ergonomic keyboard, such as the Kinesis Advantage (which is admittedly expensive but worth every penny). With these additions, you’ll find yourself in ergonomic heaven while working on your computer.

Dump my old Aeron chair for this one. It’s far better – I’ve been a huge fan of the Herman Miller Aeron chair for over 12 years, but when I laid eyes on the new Embody Chair, I was totally blown away. I said “screw it” to the Aeron and ordered the Embody Chair right away. It came fully assembled and was super easy to set up. Once I sat in it, I fell in love. It’s a bit pricey at over a grand, but you can’t put a price on your health, right? The chair’s comfort is next level, and the posture alignment is amazing. Kudos to the Herman Miller design team!


Baffled how anyone finds this chair comfortable! – So, I got myself the Embody chair because it’s hyped up everywhere and I wanted to relieve my back pain. But holy crap, this has got to be the most uncomfortable chair I’ve ever sat on! Like seriously, I could feel every single “pixel” on my back. I mean, that’s just Herman Miller’s fancy term for the spots where the chair’s “spine” connects to the backrest. But it’s basically just a bunch of plastic points that dug into my back and made it feel like I was sitting on a torture device.

I tried everything, man. Adjusted the chair a million times, even talked to an ergonomics expert, but nothing helped. I sat in this thing for over eight hours a day for a whole week, but it was still as uncomfortable as ever. I even had a similar problem with the Leap v2’s lumbar slider, which also felt like a plastic strip jabbing me in the back. At least with the Leap v2, I could just yank out the slider and still have lumbar support. But with the Embody, there’s no such luck.

So yeah, I’m pretty bummed out by the Embody chair. It just didn’t do it for me. Save your money, folks.

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