Steelcase is among the very few brands that offer decent customization at the time of purchase. It has a variety of high-end fabrics to give you the freedom to decorate your chairs to your preferences. Here, we will discuss and compare buzz2 vs cogent fabric in detail.

Steelcase offers multiple fabrics like Buzz2, Cogent, Era, Boo Peep, Gaja, Ascent, Brisa, etc. Some of them consist of natural fibers while others have a composition of synthetic fibers. In this article, I will be talking about the qualities, differences, and similarities between Buzz2 and Cogent fabrics.

The main difference between Buzz2 and Cogent fabric is that Buzz2 is a woven fabric with a raised dimple pattern that offers medium softness, breathability, and stretch. While the Cogent is a knitted/mesh fabric that has more softness, breathability, and stretch. The Buzz2 features a textured surface with a rough/coarse finish while the cogent is a very smooth fabric.

Buzz2 vs Cogent Fabric: Specs and Comparison

Material typeWovenKnit/Mesh
Breaking Strength
(Warp, Weft)
322 lbs
319 lbs
166 lbs
124 lbs
Seam Slippage
(Warp, Weft)
78.61 lbs
73.79 lbs
65.92 lbs
107.55 lbs
Width54 Inches62 Inches
Colors Available1927
Cleaning CodeWWS
ApplicationSeating Upholstery,
Vertical Surface
Seating Upholstery
Double Rub Count100000100000
Brush PilClass 3.5Class 3.5
Dry & Wet
Class 4
Class 4
Class 4
Class 4
Colorfastness to
Class 4Class 4
Fabric Composition100% Polyester
(Antimony Free Yarn)
100% Polyester
(Antimony Free Yarn)
Country of Origin &
12 Years
12 Years
Buzz2 vs Cogent: Specs and Comparison

Buzz2 vs Cogent Fabric: Difference

Material Type

It has been found that Buzz2 and Cogent fabric feature different material types.

The Buzz2 is a woven fabric in which two or more threads/yarns interlace to one another at the right angle. The weaving pattern makes the Buzz2 more durable. Such a fabric exhibits more resistance to creasing and tearing.

The Cogent fabric, on other hand, is a mesh/knit material in which the threads/yarns are knitted together in a pattern to form multiple tiny holes. These holes in turn give the fabric a unique look of mesh. Comparatively, the Cogent has more spaces than Buzz2.

Breaking Strength

Breaking strength of fabric refers to the maximum tensile strength when a fabric is stretched to break. It is one of the essential factors to measure the intrinsic property of the fabric. The breaking strength is measured both for the warp and weft of the fabric.

The number of pounds required to break the fabric measures the rating, which is calculated in lbs.

The Buzz2 has a breaking strength of 322 lbs and 319 lbs for the warp and weft respectively. This shows that Buzz2 features more breaking strength than Cogent.

Cogent comes with a breaking strength of 166 lbs and 124 lbs for the warp and weft respectively.

Buzz2 vs Cogent fabric

Seam Slippage

Seam slippage refers to the propensity of a seam to open when a force is applied to its perpendicular direction.  Due to applied force, the yarns in the fabric slip out of the seam, causing the seam to open. Seam slippage is measured both for the warp and weft separately, and it is calculated in lbs.

The Steelcase Bizz2 has slippage values of 78.61 lbs and 73.79 lbs for the warp and weft respectively.

While the warp and weft of Cogent fabric hold the slippage values of 65.92 lbs, and 107.55 lbs respectively. Compared with Buzz2, the warp of Cogent has less slippage while the weft represents more slippage values.


A fabric width indicates the distance from one selvedge to the other selvedge, measured perpendicular to the length of the fabric. The fabrics with different compositions feature different widths.

The Buzz2 has a width of 54 inches.

Compared with Buzz2, the Cogent has more width i.e. 62 inches.


As we know the Buzz2 is a woven fabric in which the interlacing yarns leave less space for breathing. Being a woven fabric, the Buzz2 offers a medium range of breathing.

The Cogent, On the other hand, comes as a mesh fabric with multiple spaces. These spaces boost air circulation during long sessions of usage. With high breathability, such a fabric proves an excellent option during hot weather and to minimize sweating.

Softness, Flexibility, and Color Availability

Fabric flexibility refers to the ability of a fabric to bend or fold without being ruptured.

We have seen that the Buzz2 shows a medium level of softness and flexibility.

Comparatively, the Cogent is more soft, smooth, and flexible.

Regarding color availability, Steelcase offers Buzz2 fabric in 19 colors, and Cogent in 27 colors.

Cleaning Code

We already know that each fabric carries a unique cleaning code for cleaning.

The Buzz2 has a “W” cleaning code, which means it can be washed with only water-based cleaners. Don’t use any cleaner other than water-based.

The other guy, Cogent has a cleaning code of “WS”, which means it can be washed both with water-based and solvent-based cleaners. Better to treat oily stains with solvent-based cleaners. For non-oily marks, water-based cleaners prove best.


The Buzz2 can be used both for seating upholstery and vertical surface.

While the Cogent can only be used for seating upholstery.

Buzz2 vs Cogent Fabric: Similarities

Double Rub Count

In simple words, the rub counts of fabric represent the strength and durability of a fabric.

A test called Wyzanbeek is used to find out how much a fabric takes before it becomes threadbare.  For example, 30,000 double rub count means a fabric has been rubbed back and forth against a piece of plastic 30,000 times before it starts to wear and tear.

The more the double rub count, the more strong and durable the fabric.

Fabrics with a double rub count of 15,000 to 25,000 can last for years. However, the commercial grade fabrics have higher numbers to fulfill the heavy demands.

It has been found both Buzz2 and Cogent fabric have a double rub count of 100,000.

Bush Pill

A brush pill test indicates the tendency of a fabric to form pills after rubbing it with a piece of nylon brush for a specific time. The fabric is then rated on the basis of the number of pills it has formed.

Class 1: Severe pilling

Class: No pilling

Both Buzz2 and Cogent fabric of Steelcase have a pilling of Class 3.5, which means they have a tendency to slightly form the pilling.

Dry and Wet Crocking

Crocking refers to the removal/bleeding of color from the fabric due to rubbing. It may be dry crocking or wet crocking. Different fabrics come with different crocking classes.

  • Class 1: High color removal/transfer.
  • Class5: No color transfer.

The higher the class, the better the capacity of a fabric to hold color.

Both Buzz2 and Cogent have Class 4 for dry, and wet crocking.

Colorfastness to Light

Colorfastness refers to the ability of a fabric to resist fading when exposed to light. Based on this test, fabrics are divided into 3 classes.

  • Fabrics with a high level of fading fall in Class 1.
  • Fabrics with a slight fading fall in Class 4.
  • While fabrics with no fading are counted in Class 5.

The Buzz2 and Cogent fabrics both have a tag of Class 4, which means they undergo a slight fading when exposed to light.


Both Buzz2 and Cogent are solid fabrics. Solid fabric refers to single-colored materials that give a plain impression.

Fabric Composition

The fabric may be composed of natural fibers (e.g. silk, cotton, wool, etc.) or synthetic fibers (e.g. polyester, rayon, acrylic, etc.). Each fabric exhibits different features depending upon its composition.

The Buzz2 and Cogent come as 100% polyester fabric (Antimony Free Yarn).

Country of Origin and Warranty

Both Buzz2 and Cogent have US origin. Similarly, both offer 12 years warranty.


On the basis of the features discussed, it has been concluded that Buzz2, woven fabric has medium breathing, softness, and flexibility. It comes with a rough finish and proves stronger than Cogent by offering more breaking strength.

Buzz2 has fewer color options compared with Cogent. Regarding applications, it can be used both for seating and vertical surfaces.

While the Cogent, a mesh fabric has been found more breathable, flexible, and soft. If compared with Buzz2, the very smooth Cogent comes with more color options and less breaking strength. This fabric has applications for seating upholstery only.

We have also seen that both of these fabrics share multiple similarities like dry & wet crocking categories, design, composition, pilling categories, rub count, country of origin, warranty, and the same level of resistance for color fading.

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