Herman Miller earned a unique name among the top furniture manufacturing brands. Like other products, the brand designs high-quality office chairs. Are you looking to compare and find the differences between Herman Miller Celle vs Aeron?

Herman Miller Celle is a “one size fits all”, low-budget ergonomic office chair that comes with a unique Cellular Suspension system. It has a cushioned seat. The seat and backrest of Celle are made of Cellular Suspension technology. The Celle comes with only one type of lumbar support system, armrest, tilt, frame, base, etc.

Being available in three different sizes, the Aeron is a high-budget ergonomic office chair that has a mesh seat and a backrest, both are made of 8Z Pellicle. Unlike Celle, the Aeron offers more options for lumbar support, armrests, tilt, frame, base, etc.

Herman Miller Celle Vs Aeron – Head to Head Comparison


Herman Miller Celle comes in one size only. This “one size fits all” chair has the best flexibility among Herman Miller chairs. With high flexibility, the chair comforts the shape and body of different users.  The chair design fits almost all sizes and shapes worldwide.

The Aeron, on the other hand, is available in three (3) different sizes i.e. A Size (small), B Size (regular), and C Size (plus)). Each size has different dimensions and specs.     

Backrest and Seat

The Celle has a cushioned seat. Both the seat and backrest feature a unique technology called Cellular Suspension technology. The technology uses small discs/pads called cells which are connected to springy loops/wires.

These loops have varying depths throughout the seating surface. Due to this, the chair offers different levels of flex. Each cell is contoured in a way that boosts the healthy posture and provides excellent lower-back support.

Compared with Celle, the Aeron has a mesh seat and back. The back and seat mesh have a composition of 8Z Pellicle, a high-tech material for office chairs.

For airflow, both Celle and Aeron have excellent breathability.

Lumbar Support System

The Celle has only one type of adjustable lumbar support in the form lumbar cushion/pad. The cushion installed behind the back can be moved up and down or you can change its depth as you like.

While Aeron has 3 options for lumbar support.

  1. Basic Back Support
  2. Adjustable Lumbar Support
  3. Adjustable Posturefit SL

Seat Adjustment

The Celle seat comes with a 2-way adjustment. For height, it can be moved up and down, while depth adjustment lets the seat move forward or back.

The Aeron seat offers only 1-way adjustment. You will be able to move it up and down only.

Armrests Adjustment

Herman Miller Celle offers a 3-way adjustment for its armrests i.e. Height adjustment, Width Adjustment, and Angle adjustment.

The Aeron has three different options for armrests at the time of purchase. We can either get stationary armrests or Height-adjustable armrests. Or there is a third option to choose 3-way adjustable armrests (height, depth, and angle adjustment).

Note: Aeron has no depth adjustment.

Compared with Celle, the armrest of Aeron have much softer paddings.

Tilt and Recline

The Celle has an advanced Harmonic Tilt 2 mechanism to ensure a smooth recline. This system provides balanced support to the user during movement from an upright posture to anywhere within the recline range.

The Celle has can recline to a maximum of 28 degrees, and you can recline back without locking/unlocking the back. You can use a tension control knob in front of the seat to increase and decrease the tension.

Aeron also comes with a Harmonic Tilt 2 mechanism to support a smooth and balanced recline.

While Herman Miller Aeron has a reclining mechanism by which you can recline back as far as you want. A tilt lock on the left side of the seat will help you to lock and unlock the tilt angle. Use a long lever found on the right of the seat to adjust the tension.

Herman Miller Celle Vs Aeron – Build Quality

The Celle proved a sturdy chair that has a metallic frame and 5-star base. The seat and back have a build of high-quality plastic material. The seat may be upholstered or poly. If maintained well, it can last for years.

Compared with Celle, the Aeron is a far more durable chair with a powder-coated die-cast aluminum frame and a 5-star base.

The adjustable back of the chair has PostureFit SL hardware.

The seat and back have a premium mesh made of 8Z pellicle material.

Aeron has 2.5 inches of carpet caster or hard floors for smooth movements.

Herman Miller Celle Vs Aeron: Specs

SizeOne Size3 different
Back and SeatCellular Suspension systemMesh
(8Z Pellicle)
Lumbar SupportLumbar cushion/pad3 options.
1. Basic back support
2. Adjustable Lumbar support
3. Adjustable Posturefit SL
Seat adjustment2-way1-way
Armrests Options13
3-wayFixed OR
1-way adjustable OR
3-way adjustable
Arm padsStandardStandard OR
Harmonic TiltYesYes

Herman Miller Celle Vs Aeron – Comfort Level

With its unique Cellular Suspension technology, the Celle adapts to the shape and body of the sitter. It has been found one of the most versatile and highly adjustable chairs. The chair has a nice smooth recline and rocking options. It also has a forward tilt mechanism.

The Celle has a textured plastic back and a good adjustable lumbar support system. Its seat and back have excellent airflow to reduce the formation of sweat during long sitting sessions.

Aeron, on the other hand, is the most comfortable chair among the Herman Miller products. Its PostureFit SL is designed to support the sacral and lumbar regions. It offers the best lumbar support systems and recline mechanisms.

Pros of Herman Miller Celle

  • “One size fits all” chair
  • More versatile and adjustable.
  • 12-year warranty.
  • Multiple color options.
  • Textured back with an excellent airflow
  • 3-way adjustable armrests.
  • No assembly required, the chair comes fully assembled.

Cons Of Herman Miller Celle

  • Difficult to lock the chair when reclined.
  • Armrest paddings need improvements.

Pros of Herman Miller Aeron

  • Available in 3 different sizes.
  • Premium mesh back and seat.
  • 3 different options for lumbar support.
  • 3 different options to choose armrests.
  • Armrests with soft comfortable paddings.
  • 12 years warranty.
  • The chair comes fully assembled.
  • PostureFit SL to support the sacral and lumbar regions

Cons Of Herman Miller Aeron

  • No seat depth adjustment.
  • Much expensive.


After analyzing and comparing the features of both chairs, we can say that

Celle has been designed as a low-cost work/office chair. We have seen that it offers a complete package of ergonomic features like adjustable lumbar support, adjustable seat, and armrests. It has a nice harmonic tilt and forward tilt mechanism.

Despite having a low price tag, Celle features a unique Cellular Suspension system to easily adjust with the user’s body. Overall, it is considered an above-average chair in the market. If you have budget issues, the Celle would not be a bad choice.

The Aeron appeared a much more expensive, high-end premium office chair among the Herman Miller chairs. It proves a top-rated chair both for ergonomics and durability. The chair offers the best lumbar support, armrests, breathability, seating, tilt, and much more.

Aeron gives you multiple options for size, frame, base, armrests, lumbar support, tilt, arm pads, and casters. If you have enough bucks and thinking about high-quality sitting, Aeron will suit you best.

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