The Herman Miller Aeron chairs, both Classic and Remastered, are highly impressive options for anyone looking for ergonomic and durable seating. The Classic Aeron was first introduced in 1994 and underwent several beneficial adjustments before being discontinued in 2017. Meanwhile, the Remastered Aeron released in 2017, has been recognized as the worthy successor to the Classic Aeron. While the production of the Classic Aeron has ended, it remains a design icon of the 1990s and can still hold its value when taken care of. In this review, we will make a comparative evaluation and detailed discussion on Aeron classic vs Remastered.


Overall size range

The Classic and Remastered chairs are made for all body types. Both have three chair sizes (A, B, and C). But, the Remastered can fit more heights and weights. The Remastered can hold up to 350 pounds, while the Classic can hold up to 300 pounds. So, if you’re heavier, the Remastered may be a better choice. 

For height, the Remaster suit people from 4’8″ up to 6’7″, while the previous version better suit people from 4’10” up to 6’6″.

Build Quality

There exist slight differences in the materials used in their construction. While the Classic has more aluminum parts, the Remastered incorporates both aluminum and plastic in its base and frame. This resulted in a decrease in chair weight for the Remastered, making it more lightweight compared to the old version. But, for those who value the sturdiness and quality of aluminum, the Classic may be the preferred choice. Ultimately, it all depends on what factors are most important to the individual when selecting a chair.

The mechanism on the Remastered version is slimmer and the cables are less visible compared to the Classic version. The buttons and levers on the new version are also slimmer and more sleek compared to the first one.

Lumbar Support Adjustability

The lumbar pad in the original Aeron chair could be adjusted up or down to provide extra support to the lower back. But the new plastic support in the Remaster version is designed to specifically target the lumbar spine. This new support provides enhanced comfort and support to users in the lower back region, a common area of discomfort for people who spend long hours sitting at a desk. 

While you may miss the adjustability of the foam lumbar pad, the new plastic support offers a more tailored and targeted solution for lower back pain and discomfort. 

Lumbar Support Pads

One of the prominent features of the Remastered Aeron chair is the PostureFit SL system, which provides a larger area of support compared to the Classic version. The lumbar pads support both the sacral and lumbar regions of the spine, which can flex independently for personalized support. The tension dial allows users to control the firmness of each pad, making it easy to achieve the perfect level of support for your individual needs. 

difference in lumbar support, aeron classic vs remastered
Difference in Lumbar Support

Tilt Lock Function

The updated version of the Aeron chair, the Remastered model, features a three-position lock for the backrest. While the Classic version has an infinite position lock. With the Classic model, users have the flexibility to lock the backrest in any position they desire, but the new model limits users to just three positions. Despite this difference, both versions of the Aeron chair offer exceptional ergonomic support and comfort for extended periods of seated work.


The seat and back of both versions have a pellicle membrane. The membrane mimics the diffusion process of human skin to lower the temperature, preventing the buildup of heat. By offering good ventilation, it keeps our body cool during long sitting sessions.

The Remaster goes even further with its 8Z Pellicle membrane by offering eight variable support zones to provide the targeted support. The membrane’s varying pressure points have different degrees of hardness and elasticity, allowing for a customized seating experience. This is a significant improvement over the original Aeron Chair, which lacks this level of tailored support.



The Aeron Remastered has height, width, and pivot adjustable armrests, while the Aeron Classic has only height adjustable.

Way of Adjustment

The height adjustment on the classic chair is performed with a knob, while the remastered chair has a lever that is easier to use. 

Armest Depth

The fully adjustable arms on the remastered chair also come with an added depth adjustment, which the classic chair does not have.

Armrest Material

The skin on the outside of the armrests on the classic chair is tougher and smoother but can crack over time. The remastered chair has a softer pad that is less likely to crack.

Foam Molding

The foam on the classic chair is attached to the plastic mold with staples and glue. While the remastered chair has a more advanced foam molding process.

Sitting Experience

The remastered chair has a pivot point that allows for effortless rocking and reclining, while the classic chair is challenging to keep in an upright position.

Seat Design

The Aeron Remastered has a seat that is pitched 1.8 degrees farther forward than the Classic. It has a mesh with four different flex zones to offer varying amounts of support. The seat does not have a pad at the front to protect the legs from hitting the metal frame.


Both versions offer personalized adjustments for height, tilt system, and armrests. It has been found the forward tilt function is noticeably enhanced in the new version. Moreover, the latter offers more convenient tilt tension adjustment.

aeron classic versus remastered, visual difference in components
Visual Difference in Components


The remastered version has a more uniform finish with almost everything being the same color. While the classic version is similar but not as uniform as the remastered version.

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