Unlike regular chairs, salon chairs need to raise and lower quite frequently due to the varying customer heights. Such a high usage of the hydraulic system requires the timely filling of hydraulic fluid, ensuring smooth chair running. In this practical guide, we will explain how to put hydraulic fluid in a barber chair without paying a penny to a professional consultant.

Method to Fill Hydraulic fluid in a Salon Chair

Items Needed

  1. A hydraulic fluid of 3 to 3.5 gallons. Better to read the manufacturer’s instructions for the exact volume. For better results, choose the filling oil recommended by the manufacturing company.
  2. Alexa wrench and a screwdriver.
  3. A new Fill nut in case the old one is not effective to stop oil leakage.
  4. Funnel or oil bottle funnel.

Step 1: Setting the Chair

Move down the seat to its lowest level by applying pressure. Meanwhile, press the foot pump to move the seat to its lowest point.
Once done, place the chair on the table to your preferred height. You can process the chair on the ground in case you feel comfortable.

Step 2: Removing the Cap and the Fill Nut

First, unscrew the cap screw with the help of a wrench, and remove it. Next, use the screwdriver to unscrew the fill nut. Remove and save it for usage if it is working well.

Note: There is no need to separate the seat from the hydraulic pump.

Steps to fill hydraulic fluid
Steps to fill hydraulic fluid

Step 3: Filling the Hydraulic Fluid

Now fill the chair with hydraulic fluid by using the funnel. Slowly fill up the chamber. Do not overload it. There is a mark on the chamber. Keep the oil to this making, otherwise, it will overflow, resulting in further issues.

Choose the oil from well-known automakers or salon retailers in case you don’t know the recommended information.

Step 4: Re-Installing the Fill Nut and Cap

Once done with filling, install the fill nut and tighten it with the wrench. Next, install the pump cap to its position.

Step 5: Testing, a Final Step

Test the chair by moving it up and down. This ensures the removal of excess air from the chair’s hydraulic system. This method will surely improve the smoothness of height adjustment.


Can we use regular engine oil for a barber chair?

Engine oil from motorcycles or lightweight motor vehicles can be used for this purpose. This should be your last option in case no other fluids are available.

Why is my hydraulic chair stuck during up and down?

Most probably because of hydraulic dryness. A chair relies on its hydraulic system/pump for height adjustment. A pump with enough liquid has better lubrication and offers smooth adjustments. The lack of liquid makes the pump dry, making the chair stuck.


Hydraulic fluid plays a crucial for the functioning of the barber chairs. A timely filing of this fluid not only boosts the smoothness but also increases the chair’s life.

With these simple steps, all the people running salons will be able to easily fill up the fluid. This will also save your bucks from hiring professionals.

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