Are you tired of sitting in a fixed position on a regular chair? Well, you are not the only one, in fact, every 3 or 4 people like to switch to a sitting position. To solve this issue, the brands are designing different ergonomic chairs. Among these designs, there comes a chair called Pipersong Meditation Chair.

A Pipersong meditation chair has a round padded seat, a crescent-shaped padded backrest, and a 360-degree swivel footstool. The specially designed padded footstool allows the user to enjoy multiple sitting positions such as kneeling, squatting, cross-legged, and many others.

The chair with its unique design got popular among users, especially the ones who keep changing their position on the chair. The chair can be used as a regular office chair by moving the footstool aside.

Pipersong Meditation Chair: Build Quality

The chair has a thickly padded seat which consists of 3.7 inches of high resilience foam, ensuring a soft and comfortable sitting experience.

  1. It features a durable and exclusively designed crescent-shaped backrest with thick foam that has ergonomic values, providing lumbar support to help achieve a healthy posture.
  2. Next comes the footstool, a unique feature of this chair. It also features 1.5 inches-thick padding and high-density foam. There is an SGS-certified gas lift to facilitate the smooth height adjustment of the seat.  The base is made of steel to let the chair hold weight of up to 200 lbs
  3. The chair has heavy-duty casters to support the heavy loads. The casters work well on different types of floors, and you can always change them in case of any issues.


Seat Height19.7″-23.7″
Seat Depth14.7″
Footstool Height15.3″
Backrest Width14.5″
User Weight
Under 200 lbs.
User Height
5′ to 6′.1″
Desk Height
29″ to 35″
Seat, BackPadded
Seat, FootstoolSwivel
LeatherPU Leather
Product Weight25.7 lbs.
Pipersong Meditation Chair: Specifications

Pipersong Meditation Chair: Ergonomic Features

Easy to Switch

The chair is highly flexible to switch to different sitting positions. Its 360-degree swivel footstool offers more options to sit. If you are tired of sitting in a formal way, you can easily turn the footstool aside and use the chair as a regular office chair.

On the other side, the footstool can be moved to the front or back of the seat to enjoy freestyle seating.

Freestyle Sitting

The chair is famous for its freestyle sitting and it comes with the slogan “SIT AS YOU LIKE” which means you can sit on this chair in any position. Some of the most liked positions include kneeling position, squatting, cross-legged (either one leg or both legs), raised bended legs, etc.

All of these positions have health benefits. Squatting helps to strengthen the lumbar area, resulting in a healthy and balanced posture. Sitting cross-legged like a yoga position keeps the spine straight, helping to achieve a perfect posture. It also keeps the joints and ligaments flexible.

Switching different positions always prove healthy. It is quite normal as one part of our body feels tired, it sends signals to the brain and requests to use the other parts. This chair with its design gives you the freedom to enjoy multiple setting styles.

Lumbar Support

Though it does not have an advanced and adjustable lumbar support it comes with a crescent-shaped padded backrest. The curved style backrest accurately fits the user’s back, proving the best lumbar support. The thick pad provides soft support, keeping the spine in a natural alignment to ensure a healthy posture.

Adjustable Seat Height

The chair has adjustable seat, allowing you to raise and lower the seat to your choice. You will be able to adjust the seat from 19.7 inches to 23.7 inches. With this height, the chair works best with desks from 29 inches to 35 inches.


Not only giving the platform for different positions, but the footstool also gives you more control over its movement. By using the brake, you can limit it to one position, avoiding unnecessary movements.

Pipersong Meditation Chair: Comfort Level

Multiple Seating Choices

The Pipersong meditation chair is meant to provide maximum comfort by giving you multiple seating choices. You will not get bored with this piece of furniture. The more sitting options the easier the user to sit, resulting in the best seating experience.

Thick padding

The seat, backrest, and footstool all have thick padding which is made of high-quality foam. The foam with its medium-level softness provides the necessary support and also prevents you from sinking into it. A crescent-shaped backrest proved highly comfortable for the back, keeping the whole back straight and healthy.

There is a thick seat pad to keep the buttocks relaxed during prolonged sitting sessions. The footstool padding gives soft support to your feet, knees, and leg.

Excellent Air Flow

The backrest does not cover the entire back, instead, it has a space between the seat and back cushions. The space allows better air circulation, minimizing sweat to keep the body cool.



  • Multiple sitting positions.
  • Thick padded seat and backrest
  • 360-degree swivel footstool
  • Quickly switching to regular and freestyle mode


  • Costly


Can We Use a Pipersong Meditation Chair as a regular office chair?

Yes, we can use a Pipersong meditation chair as a normal office chair as it allows us to turn its footstool aside and use it as a regular office chair. Its seat height adjustment feature is a plus point to using it as a normal chair.

What is so special about the Pipersong meditation chair?

Unlike a regular chair, a Pipersong meditation chair has a 360-degree swivel footstool to give freedom to enjoy multiple sitting positions. This makes it possible to switch to different seating styles.

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