Among furniture, recliners always prove the most comfortable and luxurious item. Designed with bulky plush cushions and upholstery, they can recline into multiple positions and serve as comfy furniture to relax. Recliners are made to provide the user with maximum comfort. This guide will explain why are recliners so expensive.

Other than massage and heat therapy functions, they offer advanced features like neck rest, cup holder, power recline, backup battery, vibration, etc. As durable furniture, they have a great build and can last for years. Unlike typical chairs, the recliners come with more technological features and high-quality materials, making them costly.

The following are the factors behind the high costs of these chairs.

1. Frame

A recliner consists of a bulky and complex frame that supports the whole mechanism. Such a structure consumes a large amount of material which could be either wood or metal. All the process requires a special type of equipment, labor, machinery, etc. Usage of more material and other resources costs more money, resulting in high prices.

2. Frame Material

Usually, a big number of manufacturers use wood or metal to build the frame.

In the case of wood, most frames are made of plywood, a stronger wood product. Most expensive and good-quality recliners have a frame made of plywood which offers almost a double life as the one made of chip wood. Unlike normal wood, plywood costs more, resulting in high prices of recliners.

Among metals, most manufacturers use steel for the construction of frames. These chairs are subject to repeated movements and pressures. The usage of best-grade steel ensures the smooth running of the reclining mechanism. The high-price steel is one of the factors behind the expensive tag of recliners.

3. Electric Motor

The recliners use the best running electric motors to raise and lower the chair. Such a motor provides a smooth lift without creating annoying noise. With the best quality and warranty package, these motors have a very low rate of error and other post-installation issues. Having high quality and functioning, they cost more bucks and in turn make the recliner an expensive product.

4. Upholstery

Upholstery has been proven one of the vital parts of a recliner. You will find the recliners with four different types of upholstery materials i.e. fabric, high-performance fabric, 100% leather, and polyurethane, each of them has unique features. The fabric offers soft and cozy seating, while high-performance fabric provides more protection against stains. The leather gives a luxurious look and performs longer than other types. With a smooth texture and soft feeling, the polyurethane offers a great look like genuine leather upholstery.

With excellent quality and durability, all these materials can last for years. None of these materials come cheap. They cost a high price which may vary from $300-$1000, making the recliner an expensive product.

5. Cushions

As large-size chairs, these chairs come with bulky, plush cushions comprised of either high-density foam or memory foam. Being extremely soft, comfortable, and highly durable, these cushions cost more, resulting in more prices for the chair.

6. Springs

Springs are crucial components of a recliner, helping it to recline, otherwise, it would be a normal chair. Many brands use steel springs and they measure the steel in “gauge”. The better the quality and gauge of the spring, the more it costs. Further, the quantity of springs greatly boosts the comfort and adjustability of a recliner. As we all know, each recliner features an ample quantity of spring which eventually results in high prices for that product.

The three most common spring systems exist in most chairs: Sinuous no-sag springs, Eight-way hand tied coil springs, and Pirelli webbing. Consumption of a considerable amount of steel and more labor cost of these systems is another sub-factor for the high prices.

7. Use of Technology

Modern recliners utilize advanced technology to serve better.

  • Power reclining and gliding: These chairs use electricity to recline and can swivel up to 360 degrees.
  • Massage therapy: They have multiple vibrating massage nodes for your back, lumbar, legs, etc.
  • Heating system: The chairs have multiple heating points at different locations for the best seating experience.
  • Battery backup: There comes a battery backup to make the chair always ready to go.
  • Footstool: Some of the designs come with a separate height and angle-adjustable footstool to better serve the user. Such a footstool further boosts the chair price.

These chairs have USB ports, a remote control, a cup holder, and detachable tray table, etc. These features cost enough amount. The more the features the more the price of a chair.

8. Labor cost

Unlike normal chairs, these chairs are made by limited and well-known brands. These brands have carpenters with special skills to manufacture and design recliners. Such workers charge a handsome amount for their expertise. The high payments of these experts are one of the reasons for the high costs of these chairs.

9. Base

Some of the recliners like those of English Elm have a heavyweight round base made of steel. Such a base further raises the price of these chairs.

10. Status Symbol

Don’t take the recliner as an ordinary chair. The aesthetics, use of advanced technology, and amazing comfort level makes it a luxurious item and a status symbol. Representing a class makes these chairs more expensive.

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