WorkPro is a known brand for designing good-quality ergonomic office chairs. Being mesh chairs, both WorkPro Quantum 9000 vs 12000 have been designed with different dimensions to accommodate people of different heights and weights. The detailed analysis based on our experience will help you make a better decision.

WorkPro Quantum 9000 is a mid-back mesh chair that mimics expensive ergonomic office chairs like Herman Miller Aeron. Unlike Aeron, the Quantum 9000 is a low-cost product and has many great ergonomic features.

Compared with the Quantum 9000, the WorkPro 12000 is an upgraded high-back mesh chair with more ergonomic features and durability. The 12000 series is lightweight and holds more weight than the Quantum 9000.

WorkPro Quantum 9000 vs 12000: Specs and Comparison

FeaturesQuantum 9000Quantum 12000
Product Dimensions25.43″D x 25.43″W x 37.4″H26.93″D x 26.37″W x 38.31″H
Item Weight‎59.7 Pounds50 Pounds
Weight Holding Capacity250 Pounds275 Pounds
Mesh BackYesYes
Waterfall Seat CushionYesYes
Seat Height
Seat Width20-1/2″15-9/16″
Seat GlideYesYes
Seat DepthAdjustableAdjustable
Seat Height From Floor
Assembly RequiredYesYes
Warranty10 Year LimitedLifetime Limited
WorkPro Quantum 9000 vs 12000

WorkPro Quantum 9000 vs 12000 – Ergonomic Features

Mesh Material

Mesh material in a chair is important to facilitate airflow during sitting.

The mesh seat and back of WorkPro Quantum 9000 are made of tough fabric material. We have found the fabric strong and comfortable that supports long hours of sitting sessions without sweat buildup. It has been noticed some of the recent chairs of this series have cushioned seats.

WorkPro 12000 also features a mesh-based seat and back, we found its quality much better than the previous one. It has been found supportive in prolonged sitting sessions by offering excellent airflow to keep the body cool and comfortable. The mesh chair is quite helpful to tackle bum sweat as it reduces sweating by promoting airflow.

Adjustable Seat Height

WorkPro Quantum 9000 office chairs have adjustable seat height. The chair is equipped with a good-quality pneumatic gas lift that allows the adjustment of seat height. We found it easy to adjust the height.

The chair by WorkPro 12000 also comes with an adjustable seat height. Moving the seat up and down proved quite smooth. For seat height, we didn’t notice a big difference between both.

Adjustable Seat Depth

The Quantum 9000 chairs have adjustable seat depth. There comes a switch on the right side of the chair that let the seat slide back and forth. We found that the same switch is used to lock the seat. Such a feature exists in a small percentage of chairs, and it gives more space by moving the seat forward.

A 12000 series also comes with an adjustable seat depth. We observed a slight difference in this model. While using this chair, we noticed that it has a single lever for three different types of adjustments i.e. seat depth, seat height, and back tilt lock. Surprisingly, the lever proved quite easy for all adjustments.

Adjustable Armrests

The Quantum 9000 office chairs have height, depth, and width adjustable armrests. Its armrests have gel padding to reduce the discomfort and strain in the neck and shoulders during long hours of sitting.

The 12000 series come with height, swivel, and depth-adjustable arms. The arms have soft padding. Compared with the earlier, the arms have a slightly curved design. The total arm up-down is 3.25 inches.

Adjustable Backrest and Lumbar Support

In Quantum 9000, the back height adjustment lets the backrest move up and down to accurately position the lumbar support.  Such a feature proved handy for our short and average-height staff. We found that its backrest does not have adjustable lumbar support.

The WorkPro 12000 series office chairs have height-adjustable backrests. It has 4 positions back height adjustment. It has an advantage over the previous one by offering adjustable lumbar support.

Tilt Lock and Tilt Tension

WorkPro Quantum 9000 chair has a Synchro-Tilt mechanism that can tilt up to 30 degrees. We were able to tilt the back and lock it at three different positions. Once locked, we were not able to freely tilt the backrest. Its tilt knob proved handy to customize the tilt tension to our choice.

The WorkPro 12000 also comes with a great tilting mechanism and a till tension control.  The adjustable tilt helps you to get a comfortable position and locks you securely. The chair has a knob to control the tilt tension and you can use it to modify the tilt tension.

WorkPro Quantum 9000 vs 12000 – Build Quality

The Quantum 9000 office chair has excellent durability. There is a high-quality nylon frame with a steel under-core for enduring strength and durability. The extremely sturdy material makes the chair last for years. The chair comes with a 5-star base.

The 9000 series have plenty of metallic components that make it heavier than the WorkPro 12000 series. The mesh used on the seat and back does have the capacity to last for years.

The frame of the 12000 series chair is made of aluminum. The base of the chair is made of aluminum too. Its seat, backrest, and arms are made of nylon. The aluminum is water-resistant and does not rust. The nylon is of great quality and does not rupture usually. Such type of sturdy materials make the chair durable and last longer.

WorkPro Quantum 9000 vs 12000 – Comfort Level

Quantum 9000

It is a known fact that a chair with a mesh seat and backrest performs very well during prolonged sitting sessions than a non-mesh chair. The mesh material proved best for ventilation. We found the Quantum 9000 the best low-budget mesh chair that competes with many expensive mesh chairs in terms of comfort.

Its firmly installed mesh adjusts with the user’s back to ensure proper spine alignment for a healthy posture. This reduces neck, back, and tailbone pain. The height, width, and depth adjustment of the armrests further help comfortably position yourself in front of the desk.

Another great feature is its seat depth adjustment. By providing more space with this adjustment, the chair proves an ideal piece of furniture for a variety of users, either short or average.

WorkPro 12000

Unlike the former, it has a cushioned seat to provide soft support. Its soft padding keeps the buttock and thighs comfortable during day-long sitting. We found it best in winter. While the back has porous mesh fabric to ensure ventilation.

The chair has a high back and it can be used by large people (up to 6.2) easily. Unlike Quantum 9000, it has adjustable lumbar support that offers custom support to our pelvic and lower-back body region.

The 12000 series clearly wins the race for comfort as it has a high back, a cushioned seat, and adjustable lumbar support.


The Quantum 9000 features almost all of the ergonomic functions that a high-end chair offers. It has excellent adjustability than many famous high-cost chairs like Aeron. The 9000 chairs better suit short and average-height people.

Unlike Quantum 9000, the high-back 12000 chair comes with more weight-holding capacity. These factors make it suitable for tall and heavy users.

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