Razer is a multinational brand (American-Singaporean) that manufactures consumer electronics, and gaming hardware like gaming mice, gaming chairs, etc. It released one of its first ergonomic gaming chairs called Razer Iskur, focusing on lumbar support and healthy posture to ensure maximum comfort. After its huge popularity and success, the brand launched a modified version of Razer Iskur, called Razer Iskur X, which aimed to support hardcore players during prolonged gaming sitting.

Both chairs have few differences and prove equally popular among users. In this article, I will be talking in detail and having an in-depth analysis of Iskur vs Iskur X.

Iskur is an ergonomic gaming chair that has a built-in adjustable lumbar support, 4D armrests, and an adjustable headrest. It comes with more depth, more weight, and more customizable armrests. The chair feature both synthetic leather and fabric upholstery.

The Iskur X has no lumbar support and headrest, and it comes with 2D armrests.  It features more height, more width, and less weight. The chair comes in synthetic leather upholstery only.

Iskur Vs Iskur X: Differences



Both Iskur and Iskur X come in 2 different sizes i.e. Standard (medium) and XL size.

The earlier has a height of 53.98″ and 57.1″ for standard and XL sizes, respectively. Its XL size has more height than of XL-size of the latter.

The latter has a height of 54.18″ and 55.95″ for standard and XL sizes, respectively. Its standard size has more height than of earlier

Width and Depth

The first one has a width and depth of 26.0″ and 29.35″ for its standard size, respectively. And its XL has a width and depth of 30.54″ and 29.55″, respectively. All of its chairs have more depth than the latter.

The second has a width and depth of 27.97″ and 25.02″ for its standard size, respectively. Its XL comes with a width and depth of 31.13″ and 25.61″, respectively. Its chairs offer more width than the earlier.

Who can Use

The earlier has been recommended for people with heights ranging from 5’6” to 6’.

While the latter has more height and works best for people from 5’6” to 6’2”.

Armrests Type & Adjustability

The former comes with 4D armrests, and it offers more armrest adjustments. You will be able to adjust the height, move inward/outward, forward/back, and pivot the armrests.

The latter, on the other hand, has 2D armrests with fewer adjustments. You can only adjust the height and rotate them inward or outward.

FeaturesIskurIskur X
(M – Size,
XL – Size)
Width – Depth
(M – Size,
XL – Size)
26.0″ – 29.35″
30.54″ – 29.55
27.97″ – 25.02″
31.13″ – 25.61
Recommended Height
(M – Size)
5’6” to 6’5’6” to 6’2”
Armrests type,
Adjustable lumbar
Adjustable headrestYesNo
Upholstery1. Synthetic Leather
2. Fabric
1. Synthetic Leather
Color AvailableBlack
Dark Gray
Hello Kitty and Friends Edition
Genshin Impact Edition
Room typeOffice roomGame recreation
Chair Weight
(M – Size,
XL – Size)
66.80 lbs
74.96 lbs
50 lbs
57.3 lbs

Adjustable Lumbar Support

One of the most important features that distinguish the earlier form latter is its built-in adjustable lumbar support. The chair has a lever that pushes the pneumatic lumbar forward to provide lower back support.

While the latter does not have any lumbar support.

Adjustable Headrest

The former comes with an adjustable headrest, and you can adjust the head cushion easily.

The latter, on the other side, does not have a headrest.


The first one comes in 2 different coverings i.e. synthetic leather and fabric upholstery.

While the second, a modified version comes only in one upholstery i.e. synthetic leather upholstery.

Color options

You can choose the earlier in 3 different color editions. i.e. Black, Black/Green, and Dark Gray.

The latter also comes in 3 different editions (different than the earlier chair) i.e. Black/Green, Hello Kitty and Friends Edition, and Genshin Impact Edition.

Recommended Room

The first has been recommended for the office room.

While the latter works best for the game recreation room.

Product Weight

It has been found that the former has more weight of 66.80 lbs and 74.96 lbs for its standard and XL sizes, respectively.

The latter comes with less weight of 50 lbs and 57.3 lbs for standard and XL-size, respectively.

Iskur Vs Iskur X: Similarities

FeaturesIskurIskur X
Recommended Weight
(M – Size,
XL – Size)
< 286 lbs
< 386 lbs
< 286 lbs
< 386 lbs
Recommended Height
(XL – Size)
< 6’10”< 6’10”
FrameMetal & PlywoodMetal & Plywood
Leather CoveringMulti-layeredMulti-layered
Foam CushionHigh DensityHigh Density
Base5-star metal
powder coated
5-star metal
powder coated
Casters6 cm Caster
6 cm Caster
Gas liftClass 4Class 4
Adjustable back
139 degrees139 degrees
Emblazoned Slogan
(on the front of the seat)
Cobra Skin Design
(on seat and back)
Warranty3 year3 year

Recommended Weight

Both chairs come with recommended weights of < 286 lbs and < 386 lbs for their standard and XL sizes, respectively.

Recommended Height for XL-Size

Both come with the same recommended height of < 6’10” for their XL size.


The frame of these two chairs has built of metal and plywood.

Leather Covering & Cushions

Each comes with multilayered synthetic PVC leather and high-density foam cushions.


The two chairs have 5-star metal powder-coated bases. Such bases provide great support and prove strong enough to withstand heavy loads.

Casters & Gas lift

Each of them comes with 6 cm caster wheels to ensure the smooth running of the chair.

The Hydraulic Gas Lift found in two chairs is of the class 4 category.

Recline Angle

Each of the two chairs has the same adjustable back angle of 139 degrees.

Emblazoned Slogan

The slogan “For gamers, by gamers” is imprinted on the front side of the seat in both chairs. Each comes with a logo on its back, but the logo lacks RGB lighting.

Cobra Skin Design

The two chairs feature a cobra skin design on their seat and back.


Both of them come with a warranty of 3 years.

Build Quality


The Iskur comes with good-quality components.

  • It has high-quality, more customizable, solid 4D armrests with the capacity to last longer. The arm pads come with a button inside, used to adjust the arms at different positions. Armrests have a great build to offer smooth adjustments.
  • It comes with a unique, best-quality, built-in adjustable lumbar support. Unlike the typical lumbar cushions found in most chairs, there is an elongated sculpted lumbar cushion that is raised by a pneumatic piston. The cushion has dense memory foam to provide excellent support to the lower back.
  • The chair has a soft memory foam head pillow to provide headrest support.
  • Unlike the latter, it features two different upholsteries of synthetic PVC leather and fabric material. The PVC leather is more durable and strong as it comes with multiple underneath layers. Such a covering makes the chair more resistant to wear and tear. While the fabric upholstery has spill-resistance properties to keep the covering clean and safe.
  • The chair used high-density molded foam to provide firm yet comfortable padding.
  • It has strong plywood and a metallic frame that supports heavy loads. The frame withstands different chemical and environmental factors, lasting for years.
  • It features a class 4 hydraulic gas lift, ensuring smooth height adjustment.
  • There comes a sturdy 5-star metal powder-coated base that provides excellent support.
  • The caster has been found strong and smooth with a size of 6 cm.

Iskur X

It has exactly the same build quality as earlier but has the following exceptions.

  • Instead of 4D armrests, it has 2D armrests, and moreover, its armrests offer less customization.
  • It does not come with any lumbar support or head pillow.
  • It has only multi-layered leather upholstery and does not offer any fabric covering.

Comfort Level


It proved more comfortable as it comes with more ergonomic features.

  • With its lumbar cushion, it offers amazing lower back support, ensuring the most balanced and healthy posture. It helps to align the body in a natural position during long sessions of gaming.
  • The head pillow offers soft support to reduce the pressure on our head, neck, and upper back.
  • It features more customizable armrests, giving us more freedom to adjust the armrest to our preferred positions.
  • The padding made of high-density foam has been found extremely comfortable, allowing gamers to play long gaming sessions without any pain and fatigue.
  • To lean back and relax, the chair allows recline of 139 degrees. A lever found under the left side of the seat allows you to lock the back in between.
  • The casters have been found of the best quality to let the chair run smoothly.

Iskur X

Compared with earlier, it does not have lumbar support and a head pillow.

  • It comes with less adjustable, 2D armrests.
  • Though it does lacks some ergonomic features, however, it offers more width, providing more space and freedom to keep the gamers comfortable during hours of sitting.
  • Its standard size has more height and can accommodate users up to 6’2”.

The recline function and cushion padding prove comfortable same as the earlier chair.



  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Head pillow
  • 4D armrests with more adjustments
  • Leather and Fabric upholstery

Iskur X

  • Accommodates more height people.
  • Offers more width
  • Comparatively cheap
  • Cons of using Iskur X
  • No lumbar support
  • No head pillow
  • Low adjustability


We reviewed and compared both chairs in detail, and it has been found that both offer the same build quality. The only difference is in ergonomic features and in dimensions.

If you are a gamer and have back pain, or are curious about lumbar support, you should go for Iskur as it provides excellent lower back support. The chair also features a soft head pillow and highly adjustable 4D armrests. The chair has high a price and you can get this chair both in leather and fabric upholstery.

On the other side, if you are a hardcore player and you like more freedom but don’t care about the lumbar support, Iskur X will work very for. The chair has more width and can easily accommodate more height users. The chair comes at a low price and is available in only leather upholstery.

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