Cracker Barrel is an American chain of restaurants and gift stores. The brand offers a wide variety of outdoor furniture like porch swings, Adirondack chairs, rocking chairs, etc. Among outdoor furniture, rocking chairs got more popular. These chairs always prove a cool addition to the outer space of your home.

Such a chair boosts the beauty of your porch, sundeck, patio, elevated deck, terrace, etc. As these chairs need to be placed outdoors, there comes a question are Cracker Barrel rocking chairs weatherproof? In this guide, I will discuss rocking chairs to find their resistance, durability, and other properties.

Cracker Barrel rocking chairs are made of the following materials, each offering different weatherproof properties.

  • Polywood
  • Hardwood
  • Acacia wood
  • Pine and fir wood
  • Oakwood

Let’s discuss each material in detail.


The rocking chairs made of HDPE Polywood lumber (made of recycled plastic) have been found one of the toughest chairs.  They are also called all-weather rockers. Because of their marine-grade quality material, these chairs do not require staining, painting, and waterproofing. In addition, they feature the following weather resistance properties.

  • UV and color protection
  • Won’t peel, chip, crack, or splinter
  • Resists salt, corrosion, stains, and other environmental

Care and Maintenance

 Because of their toughness, these chairs require minimal care.

  • Use soap and water to remove dust and debris.
  • For any stain marks, use 2/3 water and 1/3 bleach solution.
  • Even you can apply a high-pressure power wash (less than 1500 psi).


With its best performance and durability, such a chair comes with the best warranty package of a 20-year residential warranty and a 1-year commercial warranty.


Cracker Barrel uses special hardwood to design the black and white colored Ladderback rockers. The wood also features outdoor-rate paints and stains for durability and quality. These chairs have the capacity to withstand harsh environments and can last for years. You can use them indoors or outdoors.

It comes with below features:

  • Weather and rot resistance
  • Water resistance.
  • Highly strong & durable.

Care and Maintenance

The rockers require periodic refinishing as the sunlight breakdown the finish over time. Better to cover or store them indoors during the winter season.


These chairs come with a 1-year limited warranty.

Acacia wood

Made of 100% solid acacia wood and protected by a weatherproof finish, these chairs offer the best protection from environmental factors. Acacia exhibits the best water resistance and proved one of the highly durable woods. As it does not absorb much moisture, you can use it in wet and humid climates. Other than water resistance, acacia exhibits the following properties against weather and other environmental factors.

  • Rot resistance
  • Anti-fungal and immune to insects

Care and Maintenance

  • Can be cleaned by using a damp cloth.
  • Alternatively, you can use the furniture polish too.

Tip: Avoid prolonged sunlight exposure.  


These rockers come with a warranty of 90 days.

Pine and Fir wood

These chairs use pine and fir logs, both of them fall in the softwood category. The pre-cracking of logs helps prevent further cracking due to weather changes. Each log is milled, charred, and polished. These rockers feature the following properties to cope with different circumstances.

  • Immune to mold and mildew.
  • Fire resistance.
  • Resistance against insect infestation.

Care and Maintenance

  • As a best practice, use the rocker in a covered space, this will help to extend its life.
  • In the case of non-use, better to store it in a covered and dry place.


The chairs made of Oakwood not only look cool but also prove extremely durable and strong. Oakwood has excellent protection against the weather and has been the hardest and ideal wood for outdoor furniture. The presence of a high amount of tannin makes it tough for insects and fungal attacks. The following properties make the rocker survive during harsh conditions.

  • Anti-fungal
  • Tough to decay and rotting
  • Resistant to warping

Care and Maintenance

Indoor use is recommended to protect the wood and finish. A scheduled dusting and cleaning will help to extend the wood life.


It has been found that rockers made of Polywood have the highest weatherproof properties and they also come with an amazing warranty package. Then comes the chairs that utilize Hardwood and Acacia wood as core components. Though these chairs can’t compete with Polywood (which is made of recycled plastic), they have the capacity to survive different environmental conditions. Pine, fir, and oakwood also have high resistance but they need more care, maintenance, and protection.

If you need the toughest rockers for all weather, go for Polywood. Keep in mind Polywood is not a natural wood, it’s in fact plastic made.

Looking for a natural wooden rocker with the best weather protection? I suggest you choose the rocker made of Hardwood or Acacia wood.

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