The look of patio furniture reflects the overall cleanliness of home furniture. Being outdoor furniture, it requires timely cleaning and maintenance. With just a small effort, the life of patio furniture mesh can greatly be enhanced. Although there exists plenty of professional and expensive methods, we discussed the easy and low-budget cleaning methods that almost every individual can afford.

A quick tip: To keep your patio furniture mesh clean, better to clean them on a quarterly basis at least. Such periodic treatment will not only boosts furniture life but also saves your time and energy.

Being made of different materials like plastic, fabric, metal, etc, furniture mesh requires special treatment for each material.

Cleaning A Plastic Mesh

  1. Make a cleaner solution by mixing ½ cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of liquid dishwashing detergent into 3-liter warm water.
  2. Dip a clean towel or other cloth in the solution. Start rubbing the patio mesh chair, all from the front to the back. If needed, scrub the affected area to remove stains.
  3. Rinse the whole chair with warm water. Wipe the moisture with a dry towel and let it air dry.

Cleaning A Fabric Mesh

Fabric patio furniture chairs are a bit delicate compared with plastic ones. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before treating the chair with any chemicals. There are multiple methods to clean fabric chairs.

Follow the steps to clean fabric mesh chairs:

  • Remove the dust and dirt from the chair by scrubbing it with a soft-bristled brush.
  • Mix 1 cup dishwashing liquid detergent to 3 liter warm water. Blend to make a cleaner solution.
  • Dip a piece of the dry, clean towel into the solution.
  • Scrub the whole mesh chair with a wet towel, all from front to back.
  • Once done, rinse the chair with warm water.  Let the chair air dry.

Cleaning A Metallic Mesh

Compared with fabric and plastic, metallic furniture mesh lasts longer if cleaned and maintained properly. Being painted and varnished, metallic furniture is easy to clean.

  1. Make a diluted solution of detergent by mixing 2-3 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid detergent into 3-liter warm water.
  2. Take a dry sponge or clean towel and dip it into the solution.
  3. Rub the chair thoroughly. Rinse the chair with warm water, and let it air dry.

Never use strong detergent or heavy scrubbing as it may cause scratches. If you spot rust on the patio furniture, remove it and repaint it ASAP.

Cleaning Mildew off Wood Furniture

Being outdoor furniture, wooden patio furniture is prone to weather conditions. Wooden furniture absorbs and retains water. Such conditions make the wood an ideal place for mildew to grow.

  1. Wear protective gloves, masks, and clothes. There should be enough ventilation.
  2. Remove the dust and dirt with a brush before any treatment.
  3. Make a solution by mixing 2 cups of borax with 3-liter warm water. (Source) Blend it well.
  4. Dip a clean towel or sponge in the borax solution and rub the mildew stains with it. Make sure to moisten the stains with the solution.
  5. Let it air dry or use a fan to completely dry the wood.
  6. Don’t use bleach on wood to remove mildew as it cannot penetrate the wood. Thus, it fails to completely remove the mildew from the wood.

Don’t use bleach on wood to remove mildew as it cannot penetrate the wood. Thus, it fails to completely remove the mildew from the wood.

If you are looking to remove mildew from non-porous surfaces, bleach could be the best choice to use.

Cleaning a Furniture Frame

Other than furniture mesh, the furniture frame (arms, legs, etc) should be cleaned as well. Most of the frames come in metal, plastic, or wood.

A solution made of dishwashing liquid and warm water can easily remove the dust and dirt from metal, plastic, and wooden furniture.

  1. Mix enough detergent solution by thoroughly mixing the dishwashing liquid into the water.
  2. Take a piece of clean cloth or towel and dip it into the cleaning solution.
  3. Squeeze it a bit to remove excess solution, and rub the frame, making sure not to leave any hidden area left. Rub forcefully to remove tough stains and marks.
  4. Once done, wash the frame by applying an ample amount of clean water.
  5. Completely air-dry the frame.
  6. Repeat the same process for those areas that still contain stain marks.

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