Wooden furniture especially chairs always proved a cool addition to your home and office. Compared with other chairs, these pieces of furniture offer less comfort due to the hard surfaces such as seats, backrests, armrests, etc.  To make them more comfortable for prolonged sitting sessions there exists a wide range of options. In this guide, we will talk in detail about ‘How to Make a Wooden Chair Comfortable?

Adding a piece of cushion or a pillow can make wooden chairs more comfortable. This will help you sit comfortably, without getting fatigued easily. Other than these, we will share other tips too to make these chairs comfy and user-friendly.

Please go through the following details and apply the tips as per your need.

Add padding on the back and seat of the chair

Most of the wooden chairs lack padding on their back, only a little number of these chairs come with backrest padding. For a short time sitting, it’s easy to sit without any soft padding, but prolonged sitting becomes quite difficult without padding. Try the following tips to make the backrest comfortable.

  1. Use a pillow or cushion and place it behind your back. Or take a piece of foam, stick it to the backrest and cover it with a cloth.
  2. To cover the seat, use a thick piece of foam, cushion, or a pillow to evenly cover the whole surface so that when you sit on it your buttocks are better supported by the underlying padding. If there are thin pieces of foam, use multiple layers of foam to make sure you got a thick padded seat.
  3. If you are running out of budget, use a piece of cloth or towel. Make 3-4 folds of cloth and put it over the seat. You will feel much better. Add more clothes or folds to increase cushioning.

For a long-term solution, consult the professional to install soft and best quality padding, preferably made of fabrics like cotton, etc. Such a fabric helps to keep your back cool during hot weather and day-long sitting sessions.

Add padding on the armrests

Hardwood armrests are always uncomfortable as there is nothing to cushion your arms against. Adding a piece of padding will make the armrests more comfortable and you can easily rest on them. There are two ways to cushion the armrest.

Method 1:

Use memory foam to add cushioning. Take a measuring tape to measure the width and length of the armrest. Now cut the foam accordingly and stick it to the armrest using glue. Cover the foam with a matching colored fabric.

Method 2:

Wrap a piece of towel or thick cloth over the armrests so that you get padding of 1.5 inches or more. Find a matching colored thick thread and use it to hold the wrapped towel/cloth tightly. Alternatively, you can also use 2-3 lockable plastic tie strips to hold the armrest padding.

Use ergonomic support

As wooden chairs do not come with such support, the best way to add ergonomic support is by using a lumbar cushion. The cushion will support your lower back and keep it in a natural alignment.

Method: 1

Use the commercially available lumbar pillow or cushions which are specially designed to support the lower back, reducing the pain and helping in a comfortable sitting.

Method: 2

Use a pillow or cushion which are readily available at home, and place it behind your back to support your lower back. Alternatively, use a folded towel as a lumbar cushion.

Add a Footrest

Most hardwood chairs do not have any type of footrest.  Many users especially short-height users face issues with these chairs as their feet cannot touch the floor. Ultimately, their legs start experiencing pain and muscle tightness. The following tip will help to stop footrest-related issues.

Take a small height stool and use it as a footrest to support your feet. The stool will not only hold your weight, but it will also help to keep your legs balanced way.


We discussed different simple and easy ways to make the wooden chair comfortable. In addition to providing comfort, these steps also help to achieve a natural and healthy posture. The lumbar support provides essential lower back support, plus it also keeps our back in a correct position to help achieve a healthy posture. Similarly, the foot not only aids in comfort but also helps to achieve a good posture.

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