Herman Miller is a well-known American furniture manufacturing company that manufactures high-end office furniture such as chairs, desks, tables, stools, etc. Due to its ergonomic features, many of its chairs got popular among users, especially office workers and long sitters. Among these chairs, two of its chairs, named Sayl and Aeron, are the most liked ones. In this guide, I will be talking in detail about “Sayl vs Aeron”.

Designed by different designers, the two chairs have different looks, sizes, dimensions, and functionalities.

The main difference between the Sayl and Aeron is that the Sayl is a frameless chair with a 3D intelligent® suspension back, a depth adjustable cushioned seat, and a Y-shaped supporting structure while the Aeron is a mesh chair that has an 8Z Pellicle mesh back and seat.

Both chairs have 3 types of size ranges to serve users of different sizes. For a healthy posture, the Sayl features a PostureFit and Harmonic™ tilt mechanism, and on the other hand, the Aeron offers a more advanced PostureFit SL and Harmonic™ 2 tilt mechanism.

Both chairs have optional adjustable lumbar support and multiple options for armrests.

Sayl vs Aeron: Differences

Size3 (Standard,
3 (A,B,C)
HeightStandard: 40.75″
Mid-back: 40.75″
High-back: 43.25″
A: 38.5″
B: 41.1″
C: 43″
Seat HeightStandard: 15″-22″
Mid-back: 15″-22″
High-back: 15″-22″
A: 15.4″–19.6″
B: 16.5″–20.9″
C: 17″–22.3″
Seat DepthAdjustableNon-adjustable
Back3D Intelligent® Suspension8Z Pellicle mesh
Frame and BaseGlass-filled nylonOcean bound plastic
Back SupportPostureFit (Standard)
Lumbar support (optional)
PostureFit SL (standard)
Lumbar support (optional)
Tilting TypeHarmonic™ TiltHarmonic™ 2 Tilt
Tilt AdjustmentTilt Limiter (standard)
Tilt Limiter and Seat Angle (optional)
Basic Tilt (standard)
Tilt Limiter and Seat Angle (optional)
Arms optionsFixed Arms,
3 more options
Adjustable arms (standard)
5 more options
Weight limit
350 lbs.
(5th to 98th percentile)
Size A: 300 lbs.
Size B, C: 350 lbs.
(1st–99th Percentile)
CastersCarpet casters (standard),
3 more options
Carpet casters (standard),
2 more options
FamilyWork chairs
Side chairs
Work chairs
Recommended HeightAll sizes: 5’2” – 6’6” tallSize A: 4’10″ – 5’4” tall
Size B: 5’2” – 6’6” tall
Size C: 5’3” – 6’6” tall
Designed byYves BéharBill Stumpf and Don Chadwick


The Sayl comes in 3 sizes i.e. Standard, Mid-back, and High-back. The standard size does not have upholstery while the mid-back and high-back are upholstered chairs. In fact, the standard and mid-back chairs have the same dimensions.

The Aeron also has 3 different sizes, named A (small), B (medium), and C (large), to meet the demands of different sizes of users.


The three sizes of Sayl have the same height of 40.75″.

While each size of Aeron has a different height. Size A has a height of 38.5″, size B has 41.1″, while size C comes with a 43″ height.

Seat Height

The earlier has the same adjustable seat height of 15″-22″ for all of its sizes.

The latter has different seat heights for each of its chair sizes. Size A has a seat height of 15.4″–19.6″, while size B has a slightly more seat height of 16.5″–20.9″. Being a large one, the size C chair offers a 17″–22.3″ seat height.

Seat Depth

The Sayl features a depth-adjustable seat to give more freedom and customization. It has a fixed seat depth of 16” which can be adjusted up to 18” to provide maximum support to your thighs, reducing the pressure on the back of your knees.

Unfortunately, the Aeron one does not offer any adjustment for the seat depth.


The former has a cushioned seat, while the latter features a mesh seat.


The Sayl chair has a unique frameless 3D Intelligent® suspension back made of elastomers and supported by a Y-shaped frame called a Y-tower.

Aeron has a back made of 8Z Pellicle mesh.

Frame & Base

The frame and base of the Sayl are made of Glass-filled nylon.

While the Aeron uses ocean-bound plastic for its base and frame.

Back Support

The Sayl features fixed non-adjustable lumbar support to provide lower back support. Plus it has a built-in PostureFit to support the sacral region, helping to maintain a healthy posture. You can get the height-adjustable lumbar support as an optional product.

The Aeron, on the other side, has a more advanced PostureFit SL as standard back support. In addition, there is an option of height-adjustable lumbar support.

Unlike typical PostureFit, the PostureFit SL™ provides support to both sacral and lumbar regions, ensuring premium spinal support.

Tilting Type

The first one has a Harmonic™ Tilt mechanism.

Whereas the last one has an advanced Harmonic™ 2 Tilting system. Such a tilting further extends the performance and comfort of a typical harmonic tilt.

Tilt Adjustment


The Sayl features a standard tilt limiter that provides a basic recline or a tilt with the ability to adjust tilt tension when leaning back. In addition, you can choose tilt limiter and seat angle as an optional feature that lets you select either a horizontal or 4 degrees forward tilt for the seat angle.


The Aeron chair, on the other side, features a standard basic tilt with a tilt tension knob that lets you adjust the tilt tension of your choice. Keep in mind, that it does not have a tilt limiter mechanism.

It also has an option for tilt limiter and seat angle. With this feature, the tilt limiter allows you to adjust recline range between fully upright and fully reclined. The tension control lets you control the tilt tension. You can limit the recline range to one of three postures: upright, mid-recline, or full-recline. While seat angle adjustment gives us the choice to change the angle of the seat from horizontal to a 5-degree forward tilt.


Both chairs offer plenty of options for the armrests.


With Sayl, you can choose it in the following options

  • Without Arms: Such chairs can easily be arranged under the table and desk, offering more freedom of movement.
  • Fixed Arms: Fixed above the 9.4”, such arms cannot be adjusted, and proved best for short-term use like in guest rooms, conference halls, exam rooms, etc.
  • Height Adjustable Arms:  These arms can be raised from 6.8” to 10.8” above the seat, and have been found more comfortable by offering customized arm support.
  • Fully Adjustable 4D Arms: Such arms have 4-way adjustments. You can move them up and down, move inward/outward, slide forward and back, and pivot for a range of 11 degrees inward and outward.


The Aeron even offers much more options for the armrests. You can get it with the following arms options.

  • No Arms (optional): The armless chairs offer more freedom and you can easily move and park them at different workplaces.
  • Fixed Arms (optional): The arms in three chair sizes have the following heights.

Size A: 7.8 inches from seat.

Size B: 8.5 inches from seat.

Size C: 8.5 inches from seat.

  • Height Adjustable Arms (standard): These arms offer height adjustment, and you can pivot them 15 degrees outward and 17.5 degrees inward
  • Fully Adjustable Arms: Such arms have 4-way adjustment.
  • Fully Adjustable Arms plus Armpad Depth.
  • Leather arm pad with finely sewn stitching.

Weight Holding Capacity

The earlier has a maximum weight holding capacity of 350 lbs for each of its sizes.

While the latter has a maximum weight limit of 300 lbs for its size A chair.  The size B and C chairs have the same weight holding range of 350 lbs.


The Sayl comes with standard 2.5 inches carpet casters. You can get one of the following casters as an optional product.

  • Casters for hard floor or carpet (2.5”)
  • Double wheel casters for hard floor or carpet (2,5”)
  • Double wheel caster for hard floor or carpet (soft tread, 2.5”)

Aeron also features standard 2.5 inches casters for commercial and office carpets. In addition, you can get the following types of casters as an option.

  • Casters with rubberized coating for non-carpeted floors, preventing floor marring.
  • The large-sized, 3 inches casters are designed especially for thick carpets.


The former falls in the category of work chairs, stools, and side chairs. While the latter is available in the form of work chairs and stools.

Who Can Use

All sizes of Sayl can be used by people with heights of 5’2” – 6’6” tall.

While each size of Aeron has different height recommendations. Size A suits best 4’10″ – 5’4” tall, size B works well for 5’2” – 6’6” tall, and size C is best fit for 5’3” – 6’6” tall people.


The Sayl is designed by Yves Béhar.

The Aeron was designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick in 1994 and remastered by Don Chadwick in 2016. The chair was then further designed for the good of the environment by the same artist in 2021.

Sayl vs Aeron: Similarities

Seat designContoured seat padContoured seat
Tilt tensionAdjustableAdjustable
Forward tiltYesYes
Warranty12-year, 3 shifts12-year, 3 shifts

Seat Design

The two of them have contoured seats. The earlier has a contoured seat pad, while the latter has a contoured mesh seat.

Tilt Tension

Each of the two chairs has a tilt tension knob to adjust the tilt tension.

Forward Tilt

With both chairs, you will be able to forward tilt.


Both of them have the best warranty package of 12 years including 3 shifts.



  • The chair features a height-adjustable seat, you can raise the seat from 15” up to 22” in height.
  • It allows you to adjust the tilt tension of your choice. Locate the tilt tension knob on the right side just below the seat. Turn it clockwise to keep the back upright, and there will be no recline. Turn the knob anti-clockwise to loosen the tension, and you able to recline up to 124 degrees.
  • For seat depth adjustment, there is a pushable button on the left side of the seat. Push it, then slide back and forth to adjust the seat depth.
  • Are you interested in the forward tilt? Find a lever on the left side under the seat. Turn that lever counterclockwise to tilt the seat forward.
  • The same lever used for the forward tilt will be used as a tilt limiter. It allows you to tilt back at 3 different positions (91, 101, or 124 degrees).
  • For back support, there comes height-adjustable lumbar support.
  • With this chair, you have multiple options for the armrests ranging from fixed to highly adjustable arms, you can choose whatever you feel comfortable with.


  • For height adjustment, find out a lever on the right side of the seat. Pull that lever to raise and lower the seat.
  • To adjust the tilt range, the Aeron chairs have a dial on the left side of the chair located under the seat. With its anti-clockwise rotation, you can adjust the recline range to either full recline, half-way recline, or keep the back in an upright condition.
  • In case, you like to adjust the tilt tension, find out the rotatable knob on the right side of the chair. Clockwise rotation increases the tension, while counter-clockwise rotation will lower the tension. With remastered Aeron, just a few turns will be enough to make the difference.
  • If we like to forward tilt, there is an outward knob on the left side just under the seat. Turning that knob forward will tilt you forward. While turning the same knob backward will lead you back to the normal sitting.
  • For lower back support, there comes a pressure-adjustable PostureFit lumbar support. It does not have height adjustment, however, it has a dial button to let you adjust how much pressure you want for your lower back. Its clockwise rotation increases the pressure, while anticlockwise rotation will lower the pressure.
  • The armrests are adjustable. To adjust the height, find the locking lever on the back of the armrest. Raise the lever and lock it once you reached your desired armrest height. The armpads have a pivot function to let move the armpads inward and outward.

Comfort Level


  • The Sayl has a unique breathable back to let the smooth circulation of air, keeping your body cool and relaxed during hot weather and prolonged sitting sessions.
  • Its padded seat provides soft support to help you sit comfortably. We can lower and raise the seat, making it usable for different users. The contoured seat pad significantly reduces the pressure on the knees, keeping smooth blood circulation.
  • The built-in PostureFit lumbar support keeps our lower back in a natural alignment, helping to achieve a balanced and healthy posture.
  • With this piece of furniture, you can have a great time by reclining back up to 124 degrees. It allows us to change the tilt tension to our choice. Plus, we can forward tilt the seat for more focused work.
  • The seat has depth adjustment, making us easy to customize it for more comfortable sitting.
  • Regarding armrests, the Sayl has adjustable arms to provide support at different positions. Some people feel comfortable without armrests, while others prefer chairs with highly adjustable arms.


  • Aeron proved one of the best ergonomic office chairs. With its different sizes, the chair works well for a variety of users, ranging from 4’10″ to 6’6” tall.
  • The back and seat made of premium 8Z Pellicle mesh are extremely comfortable. With excellent airflow, the seat and back help us sit comfortably for hours. Its contoured seat keeps the knees comfortable during prolonged sitting.
  • Unlike typical PostureFit SL, it has an advanced PostureFit SL to support both the sacral and lumbar regions, helping us to get a healthy and natural posture. Plus, it offers optional lumbar support that can be adjusted vertically to provide customized lower back support.
  • With its basic tilt system, you can customize the tilt tension and can recline back to whatever you want. The tilt limiter and seat angle feature (optional) give us more choice to adjust the recline angle to three different angles. This feature also allows us to change the angle of the seat from horizontal to a 5-degree forward tilt.
  • Its highly adjustable armrests provide customized support and comfort during long working sessions.




  • Frameless back
  • Cushioned seat
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • High ventilation


  • Improvements needed for lumbar support



  • Sizes available for different users
  • Cushioned seat
  • Highly comfortable mesh seat and back
  • Excellent breathing
  • PostureFit SL


  • Lack of seat depth adjustment


If you are looking for a uniquely built work chair with all the necessary ergonomic features, go for the Sayl as it offers a different look and a comfortable seating experience. You will get a depth-adjustable padded seat, a better tilting system, and a highly breathable back.

While Aeron is a mesh office chair that offers an amazing sitting experience and can be used by different heights of users. It has a seat and back made of high-quality 8Z Pellicle mesh that automatically adjusts with the user’s body to provide balanced support. The chair offers one of the best lumbar support and Harmonic 2 Tilt mechanisms. Being the most loved chair among office workers, it costs more bucks, go for it if you have a warm pocket.

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