There exists a range of brands offering gaming chairs with multiple features. Among these, CORSAIR is one of the guys who design the most attractive chairs for gaming dens. Two of its chairs called T1 and T2 are getting more popular among gamers and VTT players. With different specs, each of the two seats has been designed for different types of players. This guide will explore Corsair T1 vs T2 in detail, and will make you make the best decision in the end.

The main difference between the corsair T1 and T2 is that the earlier comes as a racing-style chair with more seat width and a regular backrest, while the latter, a modified version is a road-warrior style that has more seat depth and a tall backrest. The second one also offers a more deep seat cushion and porous upholstery for better ventilation.



One of the major differences between the two is seat dimensions and each seat serves a specific function. The former has a less depth of 13.8″ and more width of 27.2″. While the latter has more depth of 23.6″ and less width of 19.7″.

One of my friends who is 5’11” found the first one ideal after testing it for around two and a half months. With its wide seat, the players can comfortably play games and even sit cross-legged. If you are around this height range, it would be the best furniture.

We found that the second one with its excellent seat depth is the best chair for tall and big players. It gives plenty of space to sit and play. There is a big room that lets you easily move back and forth during gaming.

StyleRacingRoad Warrior
Seat DepthLessMore
Seat WidthMoreLess1
Seat BackRegularTall
Seat CushionAverageThick
UpholsteryLeatherPorous Leather
Reclining Range90 to 180°90 to 170°
Additional Tilt10°17°
Weight Holding
Corsair t1 vs t2: Differences


Another prominent feature that distinguishes both chairs is the height difference between their backrest.

Unlike the racing-style chair which better suits short and average players, the road warrior has a tall backrest, and it proves an ideal piece for tall and heavy people.

We have found that the high backtest of the second one is compatible with tall users, providing maximum back support. In contrast, such a back was not effective for our staff ranging from short to average heights.

Seat Cushion

The earlier one comes with a seat that has average cushioning, and the latter one has a more deep seat cushion. Both the seat have been found excellent, however the T2 chair with its thick padding scores more points for comfort and long battle sessions.


Each of the two chairs has a good reclining range. The first one scored more points by reclining up to 180 degrees, while the second one has a bit less range of up to 170 degrees. Both of these are equally comfortable by letting you adjust the angle of the backrest to a position that is comfortable for you.


Tilting not only proves comfortable, it significantly reduces the pressure on the thighs and legs. It keeps you relaxed for prolonged sitting. We have seen both of these guys are equipped with tilting features. The earlier one comes with a 10° tilt, while the latter one has an edge over the first as it has an additional tilt of 17°.


Upholstery is one of the major differences between both chairs. The racing-style chair has PU leather upholstery, while the road warrior has premium porous leather.  We found the second one really comfortable during prolonged battles as its breathable leather provides better ventilation, keeping our bodies cool and dry.


Lumbar and Neck Pillows

Each of both chairs comes with an adjustable neck and lumbar pillows. Both have almost the same quality and finish. In both chairs, we found both pillows equally supportive and helpful as we were able to adjust each pillow to our desired choice.

Armrests4D, 4-way adjustable4D, 4-way adjustable
Wheels StyleRollerbladeRollerblade
Support PillowsNeck, LumbarNeck, Lumbar
Warranty2 years2 years
Warranty for
1 year1 year
Corsair t1 vs t2: Similarities


Both of two have almost the same 4D armrests with 4-way adjustments i.e. up/down, back/forth, left/right, and swivel. Other gaming chairs like Gtracing, Embody Logitech, etc that we tried all had comfortable armrest padding.

The armrest paddings of both the T1 and T2 chairs are above average and need more improvements.


Each of the two designs is equipped with heavy-duty rollerblade-style wheels to offer smooth movement. We found that both chairs glide effortlessly on a variety of surfaces. If used on the carpet, it is better to use the high-quality chair mat as there is a chance the wheel may sink into the carpet.

Build Quality

Both have a sturdy steel frame for the seat and back. We found these frames strong enough to withstand the harsh environment and other daily wear & tear. The frames with well-constructed joints make both chairs durable to last for years. It has been observed that both come with almost the same build quality.


Corsair T1


  • Racing style design
  • More seat width
  • More recline range
  • Best for short/average height users
  • 10 degrees tilt


  • Less depth
  • Poor ventilation
  • Improvements needed for armrest padding

Corsair T2


  • Road-warrior style
  • Tall backrest
  • Thick seat cushion
  • More seat depth
  • Porous leather
  • Better airflow
  • Additional 17 degrees tilt


  • The armrest paddings need improvements.


Each of both chairs comes with unique features, if one has more width, the other will be offering more depth, etc.

We have found that the T1 is best for people ranging up to 5’11 as its seat, lumbar, and neck support could better accommodate them than a big-size chair. The racing-style design with more reclining power has low price range than the second one.

On the other hand, T2 offers more ergonomic features in the form of porous leather, more seat depth, a tall backrest, and a deep seat cushion. It also offers more tilting. We found it more roomy and super comfortable. If you are a tall or heavy player, the road warrior would be the best choice for you.

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