“My bum sweat too much” is a question asked by many people. The problem is faced mostly by desk workers who need to sit for a prolonged time on a chair. This could be an office, school, university, bank, clerical work, etc. Bum sweat has different names like swamp ass, bum grease, trench ass, swass, dagobutt, or booty dew. In this guide, we will cover a detailed answer to “How to stop bum sweat on chairs?”

Sweaty Bum Causes

The followings are the causes of bum sweat:

  • The bum sweats more especially in hot weather.
  • It could be due to stress and anxious behavior.
  • The butt sweats more during the exercise.
  • Thick clothes may lead to bum sweat as these clothes do not let the body breathe easily.
  • Fat people have more bum sweat than thin ones.
  • Sweat may occur due to different genetics, hormone levels, and other medical conditions.

Why Does Bum Sweat?

Bum sweating is a natural process that helps to cool down our body during hot and anxious conditions. This happens due to sweat glands. These glands are present in our skin, especially the armpit, soles of feet, breasts, groin area, etc.  

During hot weather, stress, or even under some medical conditions, these glands produce a kind of liquid called sweat. The sweat helps to cool down the body.

Unlike sweat glands, the buttock consists of eccrine glands. Eccrine glands produce a liquid during long hours of sitting on a chair or under anxious feelings. Such a fluid causes the bum to sweat. The production of bum sweat leaves sweat marks on the chair.

How To Stop Or Minimize The Bum Sweat On Chairs?

There are multiple ways to stop the bum sweat on chairs. The followings are helpful tips to stop the bum sweat.

1. Position Changing

Do not sit for too long on one side and change the position as possible. This would minimize the bum sweat by allowing the air to pass through. Too long sitting blocks the air to move across the groin area, which eventually heats the buttock.

Heating in return triggers the sweat glands to produce a liquid, which causes the bum to sweat.

2. Small Breaks Or Ventilation Breaks:

Frequent small breaks, also called ventilation breaks prove beneficial. Such breaks help in the cooling of the buttock and result in less bum sweat. Just for short time, the user can stand up and have a nearby walk during small breaks.

3. Stand Up Work:

Stand-up work is considered super helping to lessen the bum sweat. Set up your workstation so that you can easily work in a standing pose whenever needed. This will not only keep your buttock cool but also burn calories to keep you fit.

4. Cooling Gel Seat Cushions:

A seat cushion with a cooling gel pad is the best option if there is a need to sit for a long time, and there are no other options to cool down the butt. Unlike typical memory foam cushions, gel pads are recommended for long, soft, and breathable chair sitting.

  • The cooling gel cushion aids air circulation to cool down the bum.
  • The cushion pad consists of a honeycomb-like grid, also called breathing columns, which facilitate air circulation between the buttock and seat cushion.   
  • The gel pads are durable and aid in pressure relief.
  • The pads are portable and washable. They are light enough to carry with you and can easily be washed by removing the cover.

5. Breathable Chairs

Breathable chairs are considered one of the best solutions to tackle bum sweat. Such types of ergonomic chairs are more comfortable and boost productivity.

These chairs have mesh fabric both in the back and seat. The mesh fabric is breathable which allows the smooth flow of air, water vapors, and heat. The mesh fabric in the back keeps the body cool while the seat mesh aids in the circulation of air to prevent bum sweat.

Breathable chairs provide comfortable, soft, and relaxed sitting without a sweat. Such types of chairs prevent the growth of bacteria, viruses, and other germs that may otherwise accumulate during the bum sweat, causing skin rashes, and other groin infections. 

Different designs of mesh chairs are available in the markets.

  • Some designs come with adjustable mesh headrests.
  • While other designs offer enough space between the back and the seat, this feature further boosts air circulation between the chair and the body.

Factors to consider while choosing a breathable chair.

  1. Seat with high air circulation: Find a chair with a seat that offers high breathing, helping you to minimize sweat greatly. The breathable back will be a plus point. Different chairs like Celle, Aeron, WorkPro Quantum 9000, etc. come with a highly breathable seat and back.
  2. Fabric material: the material should be non-leather as it doesn’t let space for airflow. Further, go for the natural fabrics that offer the best breathing.

6. Use Wooden Beaded Seat Cushions

A wooden beaded seat cushion or cover is one of the best options to tackle the bum sweat. The beaded cushion is a mesh-like structure. There are plenty of spaces or gaps in between the beads which are very helpful in air circulation.

Better ventilation favors the evaporation of sweat over the butt and keeps the bum cool & dry. The beaded cushion also offers a massage function and helps to relieve the stress of long hours of sitting. Such kinds of cushions are considered well for therapeutic use too.

7. Stop Using Leather Chairs:

Using leather chairs is bad when it comes to the circulation of air. Leather causes perspiration due to its non-porous nature and doesn’t let the air pass through. The non-breathing leather further boosts the process of bum sweat. (Source)

8. Stop Using Leather Clothes:

Wearing the right choice of clothes plays an essential role to minimize the sweating of the overall body including butt sweat. Avoid clothes made of leather or synthetic fabrics as they are non-breathable and don’t let the air pass through.

The leather tends to block the evaporation of sweat. There will be more bum sweat if you are wearing leather pants.

9. Use Breathable Underwear

Wearing underwear made of breathable fabric or non-synthetic fabric can greatly help to cool down the butt. The underwear comes in different types of breathing materials.

Cotton Underwear

It is one of the best and most liked materials for underwear. Cotton underwear is soft, skin-friendly, and comfortable. The porous material helps in the evaporation of sweat. The breathing nature of cotton aids in the circulation of air to keep the bum cool and dry.

Overall, it is one of the best fabrics for prolonged sitting and reducing bum sweat during hot weather.

Mesh Underwear

As the name shows, these underwear are made of mesh fabric. Mesh underwear is highly breathable, lightweight, and delicate. Such underwear greatly helps in air circulation and keeps the butt cool. By favoring the evaporation of sweat, such underwear greatly reduces bum sweat.

For ladies, panty liner can be used for sweat absorption, but wearing it all day is not suggested as it retains the water.  

10. Temperature Regulation

Temperature is one of the important factors behind bum sweat. Keep an eye on the room temperature at which you are working. AC temperature should be set at a particular level to keep the room comfortably cool.

The cool temperature helps to minimize the bum sweat by suppressing the perspiration over the body.

11. Loose Dressing:

This could be one of the best and easy ways to minimize bum sweat. In contrast to tight clothes, loose dressing is super friendly for ventilation.

A loose dress offers enough space for the air to pass through. Easy movement of air helps in the evaporation of sweat and keeps the body cool.

Loose clothes are best for users who need to sit for hours especially, during the hot weather. Such a dress is comfortable and air friendly as it does not stick with body parts.

  • Loose trousers, shorts, t-shirts, polo shirts, etc. are best for boys,
  • Balloon sleeve shirts, skirts, and other casual loose-fitting dresses are ideal for ladies.

12. Use Antiperspirant Deodorant

Antiperspirants are found helpful in bum sweat as they suppress perspiration. Skin in the groin area is more sensitive and irritated.  To remain on the safe side, choose the best product and apply it in a small amount to check out its action.

  • Unscented deodorants are suggested better for the butt as they don’t cause irritation.
  • For sensitive skin, alcohol-free deodorants are considered best.

13. Body Cooling Powder

Plenty of body powder both for ladies and gents is available in the market. These powders absorb moisture, reduce chafing, and cool down the body. These powders are manufactured for athletes, like a cyclist, runners, etc.

Such powders have anti-friction and anti-itching properties. The powder can be applied to the butt for long hours of sitting. It helps to minimize the bum sweat, also called swamp ass.

14. Reduce The hot Drinks, Caffeine, And Spicy food

After eating, hot drinks and spicy food trigger perspiration by stimulating the sweat glands. Such sweating is called gustatory sweating. Similarly, the intake of caffeine products and alcohol boosts perspiration. The bum sweat can be reduced by avoiding alcohol, spicy foods, and caffeine products.

15. Trimming The Pubic Hairs:

Pubic hairs stimulate perspiration. Overall cleaning of the groin area especially shaving or trimming the pubic hairs aids in air circulation. The smooth ventilation minimizes the production of sweat and keeps the body cool.

16. Dark Clothes

Dark-colored clothes proved helpful to avoid uncomfortable situations by hiding the sweat marks of bum sweat. Such clothes diminish the whitish color of the seat

Concluding Remarks

As discussed above, there are plenty of ways that are beneficial to reduce bum sweat. By following these tips, you can greatly reduce the sweat marks on chairs. You can try one or more tips to reduce sweating.

Some people may have more sensitive skin, and may even not sit for a short period. If this is the case, you must find a doctor who can advise you of a better treatment.

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