Are you tired of annoying sliding chair mats and looking at how to keep chair mat from sliding on hardwood floors? If yes, then you are in the right place to find inexpensive and easy ways to tackle this issue.

There are multiple ways to stop the chair mats from sliding on hardwood floors.

1. Anti Slip Rug Grippers

Though manufactured for the rugs, anti-sliding grippers can efficiently keep the chair mat in place to prevent it from sliding on the hardwood floor. They work as adhesive grippers. The grippers provide efficient gripping for all types of hardwood floors.

Adhesive Rug Grippers

The top side of the grippers sticks with the underside of the chair mat. The bottom of the grippers comes with multiple tiny suction cups. Whenever the pressure applies from the top, the air moves out of the suction cups.

The low air pressure inside the cups creates the adhesive effect, which in turn keeps the chair mats in place.

With anti-sliding grippers, you can keep mats from sliding on hardwood floors. However, the suction cups do not work on the carpet floors.

The anti-sliding grippers come with a thickness that they don’t give any bumpy look after installation. The suction cups are safe for the floors, and they don’t cause any harm or leave any marks on the floor.

Whenever needed, the grippers can easily be peeled off of the floor. Such types of anti-slip grippers are washable and can be used again.

There is no need to separate the grippers from the chair mat as they both can be washed together.

Anti-sliding grippers prove one of the best ways to keep the chair mats in place. They make the office, living room, lounge, bathroom, kitchen, and other areas secure by preventing the mats from sliding.

Sticky Rug Grippers

Such types of grippers have a sticky surface on both sides. They work like sticky tape. One side of the grippers sticks with the bottom of the chair mat while the other side of the grippers sticks with the floor to keep the mat in place.

The sticky grippers prevent the sliding/slipping and curling of the chair mat on the hardwood floor. The more the number of sticky grippers, the more the adhesion and gripping of the mat.

High-quality grippers offer the best gripping and leave fewer marks on the hardwood floor.

The sticky grippers are recommended for short-term term use, don’t expect them to last for years.

2. Anti Slip Rug Pads

In contrast to anti-sliding grippers which only prevent sliding, anti-slipping rug pads not only prevent the sliding of the chair mat but also provide cushioning to make the mat more comfortable. Compared with the grippers, the rug pads are much more expensive.

How does a rug pad work?

An anti-slipping rug pad is a sheet that is placed under the chair mat. Place the rug pad on a clean and dry floor. Removes the wrinkles so that the pad lies flat on the floor. Now place the chair mat on the pad. The rug pad will hold the chair mat in place to prevent it from sliding.

You can trim the sheet with scissors as per the required size.

  • The pad not only prevents the mat from sliding but also protects the floor.
  • Being made of good quality material, rug pads are strong and durable.
  • The rug pads are manufactured to last for years.
  • They are considered a long-term solution to prevent the chair mats from sliding on the hardwood floor.
  • The rug pads are best for the heavy mats.

The rug pad comes in two different types of sheets i.e. solid pads and meshed pads.

Rug pads come in different types of materials like natural rubber, felt & rubber mix, and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). Not each material works on all types of floors.

A rug pad made of natural rubber or felt & rubber mix has excellent anti-sliding properties on the hardwood floor.            

3. Double Sided Carpet Tape

Double-sided sticky tape is one of the ways to keep the chair mat in place.

The tape comes with strong adhesives on both sides. It offers excellent grip both to smooth and rough surfaces.

One side of the tape sticks with the floor while the other side sticks with the chair mat. Stick the tape on the sides of the mat. This way, the tape holds the chair mat in place to prevent sliding/slipping, folding, and curling on the hardwood floor.

Double-Sided Carpet Tape
  • The tape is strong & durable and can be used easily.
  • It is easy to peel off without damaging the surface below.
  • The tape is cheap and multipurpose.
  • Being easy to cut, it goes well with all types of chair mats like small and heavy mat.
  • It offers application for all types of floors like a hardwood floor, vinyl, cement, tile, concrete, etc.
  • It does not leave any permanent marks on the floor.
  • The tape is strong enough to keep the chair mats in place in high traffic areas.
  • The high quality tape comes with excellent stickiness and can hold even rough chair mats in place.
  • Other than anti-slipping function, the tape offer uses on wall stickers, phone cases, car phone holders, decorative patches, wall décor, etc.

4. Silicone Caulking

Many people like the silicon caulking to stop the chair mat from sliding. As an alternative to rug grippers, silicon caulking works best to prevent the folding and curling of the chair mats.

  • It is not expensive and can be found in any hardware store.
  • Apply the silicone to the backside of the chair mat. Once dried, the rubbery strips of silicon hold the chair mat in place to keep it from sliding on the hardwood floor.
  • The gripping of silicone caulking is much better than other anti-sliding options. That’s why, it works best best for high traffic areas like hallways, entry rooms, etc.
  • The downside of silicone caulking is that it leaves residues on the floor and pull outs the mat fibers at the time of cleaning.

5. Rubber Shelf Liner

Though not made for the chair mats, the rubber shelf liner proves an efficient anti-sliding material for the mat.

Not every shelf liner works as an anti-slipping pad. Only the shelf liner made of rubber holds the chair mat in place on the hardwood floor.

How to use the shelf liners as an anti-slipping pad?

You need to cut several strips of shelf liner in accordance with the length or width of the chair mat. Once done, carefully place the shelf liner strips on the floor. After that, position the chair mat on the strips. This way, the shelf liner holds the chair mat in place.

The shelf liner method is cheap and effective.

When using, there is a need to monitor the condition of the floor after a couple of months.

6. Anti Sliding Chair Mat

There are chair mats in the market that come with excellent anti-sliding properties on the hardwood floor. Such types of mats don’t need any gripper or other solutions to prevent sliding. (Source)

  • Having an anti-skid backing, the chair mat firmly holds the floor mat in place while.
  • The anti-sliding mat protects the user from falling over.
  • The mat also protects the floor.
  • It works well under chairs, computer desks, dog crates, ornaments, etc.
  • The mat is rigid enough to support the heavy-duty equipment.
  • Anti sliding chair mat come for the hardwood floors and low pile carpets. They don’t work on high pile carpets. 

Anti sliding chair mat lets the chair glide smoothly on the surface. The unique texture of the mat allows the chair wheels to move easily while doing routine tasks.

7. Put The Chair Mat Under The Furniture

This trick works well with large-sized chair mats. Simply put the small portion of the chair mat under the nearby furniture. This way, the heavyweight furniture will press the chair mat to hold it in place.

8. Hot Glue

Hot glue is one of the cheap and quick ways to keep the chair mat in place.

Apply the glue on the edges of the backside of a chair mat. Make sure to apply an even layer of glue. Place the chair mat on the floor. Once dried, the glue will firmly hold the chair mat in place to prevent it from sliding on the floor.

Although the glue provides efficient gripping, it is not considered the best way to prevent sliding.

When used, the dried glue is not easy to remove and may damage the floor.


To tackle the sliding chair mat on the hardwood floor, there are dozens of ways but we have to consider the ones which are safe for long-term usage.

The aim is not only to keep the chair mat in place but also to ensure the safety of the chair mat and the hardwood floor too.

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