It happens quite a few times when two brands have very similar products. The same is the case with Herman Miller and Laura Davidson who have chairs with the name Sayl and Bowey, respectively. Both chairs look almost similar and it becomes difficult for a layperson to differentiate between both. Though both look the same, in fact, they are different in features, adjustments, dimensions, quality, etc. In this article, I will have an in-depth talk about Bowery vs Sayl.

The Bowery chair by Laura Davidson has more height, a bigger seat, and a taller backrest, and its suspension backrest is supported by an H frame. The big and thick seat cushion is covered with poly cotton fabric. The chair has less weight and it offers a more weight holding capacity of 400 lbs.

The Sayl chair by Herman Miller has less height, a smaller seat, and a short backrest, and its suspension backrest is supported by Y-Tower™. The small and comparatively thin seat cushion is covered with polyester fabric. It has more weight and a less weight holding capacity of 350 lbs.

Bowery vs Sayl: Differences

BrandLaura DavidsonHerman Miller
Width- Depth26.5″ – 25″24.5″ – 26″
Seat Height
(Min. – Max.)
17.5”- 22.5”15” – 22”
Width- Depth
20.5” – 25”18” – 16”
Glass-filled nylon
Glass-filled nylon
(Opt: die-cast aluminum)
Better suitsUp to 6′.2”
Up to 5′.8”
Back Suspension
Lumbar SupportNoAdjustable lumbar
Seat PadBig & ThickerSmall & Thin
Seat FabricPoly cotton100% recycled polyester
Only HeightHeight, Depth
Pivot, fore/aft
Arm padsSmall,
More Softer
Harmonic tiltNoYes
Forward tiltNoYes
Tilt Lock4 different
3 different
Chair Weight35 lbs54 lbs
Weight holding
400 lbs350 lbs
Warranty2 Year 12 Year


One of the first big differences between both chairs is brand.

Bowey is designed by Laura Davidson, a US-based furniture company that provides modern comfortable chairs at affordable prices.

While Sayl is a product of Herman Miller, one of the top US brands to manufacture high-quality office furniture, home furnishings, etc.


Height, Width, and Depth

The Bowery has more height and width of 44″ and 26.5″, respectively.

While the Sayl comparatively has less height and width of 40.75″, and 24.5″, respectively.

Unlike other dimensions, the Sayl has more depth of 26″ than 25″ of Bowery.

Seat Height

The Bowery comes with more seat height, ad it has a minimum of 17.5″ and a maximum of 22.5 ″ values for its seat height.

Sayl, on the other hand, has low values for seat height. It can be lowered down to 15″ and raised up to 22″.

Seat Width & Depth

The Bowery has big seat with more width and depth. It comes with a width and depth of 20.5″ and 25″, respectively.

While the Sayl has a small seat with a width and depth of 18″ and 16″, respectively.

Frame and Base

Both chairs have small frames and 5-star bases.

The Bowery frame and base have a composition of reinforced polypropylene. Polypropylene itself has many excellent properties and it offers more strength and durability when mixed with various reinforcing agents. Being one of the most durable and strong materials, polypropylene is also called the “steel of plastics”.

The Sayl has a frame and base made of glass-filled nylon. The nylon offers great strength when mixed with glass-filled polymers. Such a frame has better stiffness and higher tensile strength. With Sayl, you have an option to choose a die-cast aluminum base.

Both reinforced polypropylene and glass-filled nylon are best in strength, hardness, and durability.


It has been found that the Bowery has a tall backrest, while the Sayl comes with a short backrest.

Better Suits

The Bowery with more dimensions, a bigger seat, and a taller backrest better suits people with heights up to 6′.2″. It offers more space and freedom for a bit heavy and tall users.

The Sayl, on the other side, has low dimensions for the seat and backrest, and it better suits people having heights up to 5′8″. For tall users, the backrest hit the shoulder and may lead to discomfort.

Backrest Suspension Support

Both chairs come with backrests that lack a typical frame, instead, they have special types of supportive structures. The backrests of both chairs are made of suspension material which is supported by unique frames.

The Bowery suspension back is supported by an H-frame.  Such a frame has built of reinforced polypropylene, and it has the capacity to withstand heavy loads.

While the Sayl has a structure called Y-Tower™, which provides support to the backrest suspension.

Based on this feature, you can easily differentiate between Bowery and Sayl, as the earlier has H shaped structure and the latter has Y shape supportive structure for the suspension.

Lumbar Support

Though the backrest provides enough ergonomic support, there is no separate lumbar support in Bowery.

Optional lumbar support is available in Sayl. You will be able to adjust the height of the lumbar support up to 4 inches. The standard Sayl has no additional support in the form of lumbar support, rather, it has a passive Posturefit back support molded directly into the strands of the suspension material, to provide targeted support at the base of the back.

Seat Pad and Seat Fabric

The Bowery has a bigger and thick seat pad which is covered with poly cotton fabric. Being a natural fabric, it is very soft, cool, highly breathable, and hypoallergenic. The fabric has the ability to absorb moisture. Such fabrics prove good to reduce sweating like bum sweat, etc.

While the Sayl comparatively has a small and thin seat pad, is covered with a 100% polyester fabric. Polyester, a synthetic fabric offers more strength and stretching. It cannot absorb moisture, perspiration, etc. The chair offers three different upholsteries i.e. Crepe, Rhythm, and Gemma

Armrest Adjustment

The Bowery armrests offer only height adjustment, and they can be adjusted at 6 different heights. Compared with Sayl, its armrests can be raised to more height. If you don’t like the armrests, you can easily remove them.

The Sayl on the other side offers more customization by giving you three different options of armrests. You can either choose the fixed arms or only the height-adjustable arms. Or you can get the 4-way adjustable arms, and you will be able to up and down (4″), move inward and outward (1 3/8”), forward or back (2″), and pivot 11° inward and 11° outward.

Arm pads

Bowey chair comes with small arm pads. The pads have dense rubber with a spongy feel.

The Sayl comes with bigger and much softer arm pads. These pads also have a rubbery build, but they have better quality and prove extremely comfortable.

Harmonic tilt

Bowery does not have any such harmonic tilt mechanism.

While the Sayl comes with a Harmonic tilt mechanism. The mechanism is designed in a way that it provides balanced support by responding to the user’s size during movement from an upright position to a fully reclined one and anywhere within that recline range. In this way, the Sayl offers more controlled and relaxed movement than the earlier one.

Forward tilt

The Bowery chair does not have a forward tilt.

While the Sayl comes with a forward tilt mechanism. Such a tilt allows you to adjust the seat angle, which means you can tilt the front of the seat up and down. The forward tilt helps to achieve a healthy posture. It distributes pressure on your legs and reduces the pressure on the back muscle.

Tilt lock

The Bowery has 4 different tilt locking positions. Or you can choose the chair that offers a spring-loaded recline without any lock and you will be able to recline back freely.

While Sayl allows you to tilt back at 3 different positions (91, 101, or 124 degrees).

Chair Weight

The Bowey has less weight of 35 lbs compared with the 54 lbs weight of Sayl.

Weight Holding Capacity

The Bowery has more weight holding capacity of 400 lbs.

While the Sayl has a less weight holding capacity of 350 lbs.

Chair Assembly

The Bowery requires you to assemble the whole chair by yourself.

The Sayl, on the other side, comes fully assembled.


There is no information about recycling the Bowery.

The Sayl, however, comes with 90% recyclable components.


The Bowery offers a less warranty of 2 years. While the Sayl has a much better warranty of 12 years.

Bowery vs Sayl: Similarities

Seat DepthAdjustableAdjustable
Seat HeightAdjustableAdjustable
tilt tension

Backrest Design

Both chairs have unique types of unframed suspension backrests. The suspended backs are supported by specially designed supportive frames.

Herman Miller describes this type of back a “new type of backrest” and even call it an “unframed 3D intelligent back”.

Backrest Material

The suspension backrests of both Bowery and Sayl are composed of rubbery elastomers. The stretchable elastomers provide more tension where support is needed, and less in the areas that benefit from a greater range of motion. The balanced support helps to keep your body in healthy alignment.

Seat Cushion

Both chairs come with seat cushions made of foam.

The Bowery chair has poly-cotton foam padding.

While the Sayl has a blend of injection molding and foam padding to provide better support and comfort.

Seat Depth

Both chairs come with adjustable seat depths.

The Bowery allows you to adjust the seat depth by sliding the seat at 5 different positions.

To adjust the seat depth in Sayl, find the lever under the left side of the seat.

  • To increase the depth, pull the lever out and slides your thighs forward to adjust the seat. Once done, release the lever.  
  • To decrease the depth, pull the lever out and push the seat back, and release the lever.

Seat Height

Both Bowey and Sayl come with a high-quality hydraulic gas lift to adjust the seat height. You can easily raise and lower the seat to your preferred height.

Adjustable Tilt Tension

Both Bowery and Sayl chairs feature tilt tension knobs to adjust the tilt tension.

Turning the tension knob in the Bowery chair makes a small difference in tilt tension, and you will need to rotate the knob multiple times.

The tension knob found in Sayl is far better, and it greatly increases and decreases the tilt tension with fewer rotations. You can easily keep the back upright by increasing the tension with a few rotations of the tension knob. Or you use the tilt knob to decrease the tension quickly.


Both chairs come with carpeted casters. However, in Sayl, you have the option to choose the casters that work both on the carpet and hard floors.

Comfort Level


  • Bowery offers more space and freedom by providing a bigger seat, and a taller backrest. People with heights up to 6′.2″ can easily use this chair.
  • The big and thick seat cushion provides enough support and comfort during long sitting sessions. If compared with Sayl, it has more height.
  • A soft and cool seat cover made of poly-cotton fabric provides excellent breathing and helps to absorb perspiration, keeping your body cool during hot weather.
  • You can easily adjust the seat height, and seat depth to your desired comfortable position. 
  • The elastomer suspension back automatically conforms to the sitter’s body to provide balanced support, helping to achieve the natural posture. The backrest with multiple holes facilitates air circulation, keeping the body cool.
  • It offers more reclining lock positions, and you will be able to lean back and lock the chair at 4 different positions.
  • You can adjust the armrests at 6 different heights to enjoy better working positions. Compares to the Sayl, Bowery’s armrest can be raised to more height.

Overall, the Bowery comfort is very well for the price we pay.


Sayl, a high-end premium chair has been found a highly comfortable chair.

  • The chair has small seat and short backrest, and it works well for people with heights up to 5′.8″. It comes with a bit of low height.
  • The seat cushion of Sayl is much better and amazingly comfortable, and you can comfortably sit on it for a long time.
  • Customization of seat height and seat depth helps the user to enjoy better sitting.
  • It has a better suspension back to ensure a healthy posture. The elastomer strands help to keep the body relaxed by providing more support to the areas which are in need. The backrest with multiple holes offers amazing airflow to keep the body cool.
  • The chair offers optional adjustable lumbar support to provide more customized lower back support.  
  • You can recline the chair by locking it in 3 different positions. Even, you can keep your back upright by increasing the tilt tension.
  • The Sayl offer more customizable armrests, and you can move them up and down, inward and outward, forward and back, and pivot them.
  • It comes with softer arm pads which have been found greatly comfortable.
  • The chair offers a harmonic tilt mechanism to provide balanced support during different postures, ensuring the healthy alignment of body parts.
  • Moreover, there is a forward tilt mechanism to reinforce the balanced, healthy posture.

Comparatively, the Sayl has been found much more comfortable and it offers more ergonomic features for comfortable sitting.



  • The frame and base of this are made of reinforced polypropylene. Such material offers great stiffness and has resistance against chemicals and organic solvents. Though it is lightweight, it has amazing strength and durability. The frame has the capacity to hold a weight of 400 lbs. The H frame that provides support to the suspension back can hold heavy loads
  • The suspension back has a composition of elastomers, which are durable enough to last for years.
  • Bowery’s seat pad is thick and large in size. It has good-quality foam padding to offer a comfortable seating experience.
  • The five-star base comes with high-quality carpet casters, helping the smooth rolling of the chair.


  • The frame and base of Sayl are made of glass-filled nylon. It has high mechanical hardness and strength. The material has great resistance against chemicals, acids, abrasion, wear, vibration, etc. Such material makes the chair highly durable and strong enough to last for years. The Y-tower also has the same material, providing better support to the suspension back.
  • The Sayl also has an option of a die-cast aluminum base, which proves extremely strong and durable.
  • The suspension back of this chair has built of very high-quality elastomers. The elastomer strands not only offer stretching, but they are extremely strong to withstand heavy loads.
  • It comes with better quality and more customizable armrests.
  • Though the Sayl comparatively has a small and thick seat cushion, it is very soft, comfy, and of very high quality.
  • The 5-star base has carpet casters of a high standard. However, the brand offers you to get casters that run smoothly both on carpeted and hard floors. 

Being a high-end ergonomic chair, it costs more and offers a much better build quality than the Bowery chair.


After a detailed comparison and analysis of both chairs, we have found that both chairs have quite a similar look due to the unique type of suspension backrest, but they have different prices, dimensions, ergonomic features, etc.

If you are a tall guy with a height up to 6′.2″, you should go for Bowery as it has more height, a bigger seat, and a taller backrest. The chair provides more space and freedom. It offers height-adjustable armrests and reclines with 4 different locking positions. The chair has a low price range.

If you have a height up to 5′.8″, the Sayl would better suit you. It has less height, a small seat cushion, and a shorter backrest. It offers more customizable armrests and reclines at 3 different angles. The chair offers harmonic tilt, a forward tilt, and an optional lumbar support system to provide more ergonomic support. It costs more as it comes with a high-quality build and more ergonomic features.

A user with a maximum of 5′.8″ height can use both chairs easily. Those with more than 6′.2″ height should only go for Bowery, but they can’t use Sayl comfortably as it has overall low dimensions including a backrest and seat.

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