Getting an inexpensive yet comfortable desk chair is not an easy job as there are very few sellers offering a good ergonomic package at a low price. Ikea has been found as one of the brands that provide affordable furniture and other home goods. Renberget and Millberget are two of its well-known low-budget swivel desk chairs. Both chairs prove comfortable and can easily blend with your home or office decor. In this article, I will be talking in detail about Renberget vs Millberget.  

Renberget is a mid-back, swivel desk chair that comes with adjustable tilt tension and safety casters. It has no armrest padding and no lumbar support. For cleaning, use the wipe clean with a mild soapy solution.

Millberget is a high-back chair and is the same as Renberget except it has a wider seat, built-in lumbar support, and padding on armrests. The chair has a more cushioned seat and back. It is considered a higher-end version of Renberget. The chair can be cleaned by vacuum cleaning or by applying a water-dampened cloth.

Renberget vs Millberget: Differences

Armrests PaddingNoPolyurethane foam
Max. Height43 1/4 “50 3/8 “
Lumbar SupportNoYes
Seat and Back
Chair BackMid-BackHigh-Back
Seat SizeNarrow
16 7/8″ Depth
18 7/8″ Width
17 3/4″ Depth
20 1/2″ Width
Seat Height
(Min. – Max.)
16 7/8″ – 21 5/8 ” 20 1/2″ – 24 3/8 ”
Depth – Width26 3/8″ – 26 3/8″27 1/2 ” – 27 1/2 “
Mesh on Seat &
Seat PaddingPolyurethane foam,
Polyester wool
Polyurethane foam
Color option1 color
(Bomstad Black)
3 color
(Murum beige,
Murum black
Murum dark brown)
CleaningWipe clean with
mild soapy
Vacuum or
Wipe clean with
dampened cloth
Renberget vs Millberget: Differences

Armrest Padding

One of the main differences between both chairs is the presence of armrest padding in the Millberget chair.

Renberget comes with simple armrests, there is no padding.

While Millberget comes with soft polyurethane foam paddings on its armrests.

Max. Height

The Renberget has a maximum height of 43 1/4 ” while Millberget has more height i.e. 50 3/8 “.

Lumbar Support

The lumbar support provides lower back support to ensure healthy sitting and is considered one of the essential ergonomic features of a chair.

Renberget features a simple padded backrest without any lumbar support.

The Millberget has built-in lumbar support. I found it very supportive for my lower back and pelvis.

If you are looking for advanced-level lumbar support and premium comfort, you should choose high-end chairs like Herman Miller Embody, Celle, Aeron, Steelcase Leap or Gesture, etc.

Seat and Back Padding

Renberget is the initial version, and it has thin padding on the seat. The back is an empty frame, and there doesn’t feel enough back support.

Millberget comparatively has thick padding paddings both on its seat and back. The lower part of the back has an extra padded cushion to provide lumbar support.

Chair Back

The Renberget has less height and is a mid-back chair that suits better short or average height people.

Millberget is a high-back chair and it provides backrest support and also headrest support. It works best for average and tall users.

Seat Size & Height

The Renberget comparatively has a narrow seat and it comes with low dimensions.  The seat has a depth of 16 7/8” and a width of 18 7/8”. The seat has a minimum height of 16 7/8” and it can be raised up to 21 5/8”. An average-sized user can easily use this chair.

Millberget has a wider seat with a 17 ¾” depth and 20 ½” width. I found it more spacious and comfortable. It will work best for average and heavy, tall people. The seat has more height of 24 3/8” and it can be lowered up to 20 ½”.

Overall Depth & Width

The Renberget has an overall depth of 26 3/8″ and width of 26 3/8″.

While the Millberget has more depth of 27 1/2″ and width of 27 1/2″.

Mesh on Seat and Back

In Renberget, there is mesh fabric covering most parts of its seat and back except the upper small part of the back and the front edge of the seat have faux leather.

The Millberget does not have any mesh covering, it only has a faux leather cover on all its parts. Instead the seat and back have perforations to facilitate the airflow through your body. This will keep you comfortable during long sitting sessions.

Seat Foam

The seat in Renberget has padding made of polyurethane foam and polyester wool.

The seat padding of Millberget is made of polyurethane foam only. The chair has more padding compared with the earlier one. It feels more soft and comfortable.

Color Options

The Renberget comes only in Bomstad black color while the Millberget has three color options i.e. Murum black, Murum beige, and Murum dark brown.


If you need to clean the Renberget, take a wipe or clean cloth and moisten it with a mild soapy solution. Apply the dampened cloth to remove dust, dirt, stains, etc. Once done, take another wipe to absorb the excess solution and let the chair air dry. Don’t expose the chair to direct sunlight. There are many ways to clean different types of chairs like patio furniture mesh, and dining chairs, even you can easily remove blood from an office chair.

To clean a Millberget chair, use a vacuum cleaning method or apply a clean water-dampened cloth. Air-dry the chair once the cleaning has been done. Avoid direct sunlight exposure.


Renberget has a low price range.

While Millberget has a more price.

Renberget vs Millberget: Similarities

UpholsteryFaux Leather
(100 % polyester)
Faux Leather
(100 % polyester)
FrameAlloy SteelAlloy Steel
Tilt Tension
Safety CastersYesYes
Casters TypeSoft FloorSoft Floor
Caster MaterialPolypropylenePolypropylene
Weight Holding
243 lb243 lb
Assembly RequiredYesYes
Renberget vs Millberget: Similarities


Both chairs have a faux leather upholstery which is comprised of 100% polyester. Polyester, man-made leather is lightweight and durable. The synthetic leather is soft & smooth, and it does not shrink.


The armrests of both chairs have a plastic (Polypropylene) built. They have the capacity to last longer.

Frame & Base

Both chairs have frames made of alloy steel. Alloy steel contains higher amounts of other elements apart from iron and carbon. Compared with steel, alloy steel has low strength and exhibits better corrosion resistance. The frames of both chairs come with epoxy/polyester powder coating.

The bases of both chairs are made of steel. Steel offers more strength and has been found less resistant to corrosion. These bases can withstand heavy loads.

Adjustable Tilt Tension

Both Renberget and Millberget come with adjustable tilt tension. A tilt tension knob located under the seat allows you to adjust the resistance.

Safety Casters

Both chairs come with safety casters. The safety casters have pressure-sensitive brake systems that hold the chair in place when you stand up. The brake releases automatically when you sit down. Such casters minimize the unwanted movement of the chair.

Casters Type & Material

It has been found both chairs come with soft floor casters. You can easily use them on the carpeted floor both in the office and at home.

The casters of both chairs are made of polypropylene.

Weight Holding Capacity

Both Renberget and Millberget have the capacity to hold weight of up to 243 lb.


Both chairs come fully unassembled along with instructions manuals. You will need to assemble each one.

Renberget vs Millberget: Durability

Being low-budget products, these chairs offer enough durability. The frames in both chairs have a composition of alloy steel while their bases are made of steel.  Both have plastic armrests. For height adjustment, there is an average quality hydraulic gas lift in both chairs.

Both chairs have durable coated fabrics that not look elegant but are also easy to clean.

The chairs have good adjustable tilt tension. Synthetic leather used as upholstery can last for years. Both chairs have better safety casters that assist in smooth rolling. The seat padding in Renberget is thin while Millberget has better padding both on the seat and back.

Renberget vs Millberget: Comfort Level

As we know that these chairs come with adjustable tilt tension, you can rock easily by adjusting the resistance of your choice.

Comparatively, Millberget has a more cushioned seat and back to provide better support and comfort. Plus, it comes with a built-in lumbar backrest to support the lower back and spine. The perforated seat and back boost the airflow to keep your body cool. The large seat gives you more space and freedom.


After a detailed comparison, we have concluded both chairs perform well in terms of comfort, look, and durability.

For a short-height guy looking for an inexpensive desk chair, a mid-back Renberget would be a good choice.

If you are a heavy and tall user and want a bit better padded chair with lumbar support, a high-back Millberget chair will be a great option.

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