Are you looking to compare the Noblechairs Hero vs Secretlab Titan, the most known guy in the gaming chair field. Choosing between brands that share the same yet important ergonomic features becomes quite difficult especially when the chairs are of high-end quality.

Noblechairs Hero is a gaming and office chair that has an enlarged back and seat, excellent adjustable lumbar support, and a breathable covering. With cold-cure foam padding, the chair comes in four different upholsteries i.e., real leather, synthetic leather, high-tech faux leather, and fabric. The chair has 4D adjustable armrests.

The Secretlab Titan, on the other hand, is a bit expensive gaming chair that features a pebble seat base, integrated 4-way adjustable lumbar support, and three different upholsteries. The chair comes with cold-cure foam, 4D adjustable armrests, and a magnetic head pillow.

Noblechairs Hero vs Secretlab Titan: Specs and Comparison

FeaturesNoblechairs HeroSecretlab Titan
CastersXL Size with PU CoatingXL Size with PU Coating
Gas liftClass 4Class 4
Maximum Load
330 lbsSmall: 285 lbs
Regular: 285 lbs
XL: 395 lbs
Armrest4D, PU Coating4D, PU-Coating with
CloudSwap™ replacement system
Foam TypeCold FoamCold-Cure Foam Mix
Multi-tilt MechanismYesYes
Adjustable Backrest Angle35° (90° to 125°)80° (85° to 165°)
Seat Depth55 cmSmall: 48 cm
Regular: 49 cm
XL: 50 cm
Seat Width52cmSmall: 45 cm
Regular: 47 cm
XL: 49 cm
HeadrestMemory FoamMagnetic Memory Foam
with Cooling Gel
Upholstery1. Synthetic leather
2. Real leather
3. High-tech faux leather
4. Fabric
1. NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette
2. SoftWeave™ Plus Fabric
3. NAPA Leather
Lumbar SupportAdjustable Lumbar Support4-way L-ADAPT™
Lumbar Support System

Ergonomic Features

Adjustable Lumbar Support

Noblechairs Hero

The Noblechairs Hero is equipped with an excellent integrated adjustable lumbar support system and usually, you will not need a pillow for support. The chair features a knob on the right side and you can twist it to customize the lumbar support to your need.

Secretlab Titan EVO

Well, the Secretlab Titan EVO features a 4-way L-ADAPT™ built-in lumbar support system. With a knob found on the right of the back, we can adjust the lumbar depth. While the knob on the left side of the back is used for lumbar height adjustment.

From our experience, we have observed the Noblechairs Hero has much better lumbar support than the Titan. With nice little knob lets, we were able to easily attain the desired back and neck support.

Adjustable Armrests

Noblechairs Hero

It has enlarged 4D armrests and we were able to make adjustments in depth, height, angle, and distance to the base of the seat. The armrests feature a textured surface for better grip. The enlarged size makes them usable for many users.

Secretlab Titan

For Secretlab Titan EVO, you will get metallic, 4D armrests that offer four-way adjustments i.e. height, width, depth, and pivot.

The Titan’s armrests are more advanced and come with hot-swappable armrest caps/tops. You can swap the tops with the CloudSwap™ replacement system that lets you upgrade the armrest tops in a second. The magnet effect ensures the perfect alignment of the tops.

Being infused with German-made memory gel, the Titan’s armrest tops provide ergonomic support, disperse the heat, and evenly distribute the weight by conforming to your wrist and elbow.

Adjustable Seat Height

The Noblechairs Hero comes with an adjustable seat height. The chair features a 4-class gas lift that helps to easily customize the seat height. The lever underneath the seat can be used to increase or decrease the seat height (48-56cm).

The Secretlab Titan also has a high-quality class-4 gas lift that ensures the easy adjustment of seat height. The chair has a shorter and engineered gas lift so that you can easily keep your feet on the ground. Underneath the seat, find a lever on the right side to adjust the seat height.

The Titan EVO comes in three different sizes (Small, Regular, XL), and each size has its unique seat height.  The small size Titan has ≤ 169cm seat height, while regular and XL sizes have 170-189cm and 181-205cm respectively.

Head Pillow

Noblechairs Hero

It comes with a set of soft and flexible cushions (additional cost). The bigger one is for the lumbar support and the smaller one is for the neck support. The small-sized head cushion has a strap while the larger one doesn’t. Usually, you will not be using any of them.

Secretlab Titan

It has a more advanced magnetic memory foam head pillow that is incredibly soft and supportive. Having a magnet in it, the pillow quickly snaps into place on the headrest, there will be no sliding issues usually. Being infused with cooling gel, it keeps our heads cool and provides better ergonomic support.

Tilt Mechanism, Rocking, and Reclining

Noblechairs Hero

There is a multi-tilt mechanism in Noblechairs Hero that allows you to tilt back completely. With a lever found underneath the seat, you can lock and unlock the tilt mechanism.

The Hero chair offers a rocking mechanism. Locate a knob underside of the seat to adjust the rocking of the chair. Both tilt and rocking allow extensive customization for an individual.

A hand brake-style lever on the right of the seat lets you flip back up to 135 degrees. With the unlocked condition, it will further move back 11 degrees.

Secretlab Titan

The Secretlab Titan EVO also offers a complete tilt and reclining. A lever on the left side of the chair allows you to lock and unlock the tilt angle. With this lever, you can also lock the angle mid-tilt. A big knob underneath the seat will let you adjust the tilt tension.

You will be able to recline the backrest up to 165 degrees. There is a lever on the bottom of the seat that is used to adjust the reclining angle.

The Titan is poor in rocking as it is not designed that way.

As for as a Synchro-Tilt Mechanism is concerned, both Hero and Titan chairs lack it.

Build Quality

Noblechairs Hero

The Noblechairs Hero is built with materials that make it durable for years. The chair has a steel frame and an aluminum base that are strong enough to hold up to 330 lbs. of weight. It features a class-4 gas lift which will help you easily adjust the seat height. There is an extended cold foam padding.

The Hero comes with real and PU leather coverings that are durable, water-resistant, breathable, and easy to clean. The chair has premium 60 mm nylon casters with polyurethane (PU) coating to ensure smooth movement across all types of floors.

Secretlab Titan

The Secretlab Titan EVO also comes with a sturdy steel frame and an aluminum base that can withstand harsh conditions for years. The small and regular-sized Titan can hold a maximum load of up to 285 lbs. while the XL Titan is able to hold up to 395 lbs.

The Titan’s reinforced aluminum base has extra ribs and gussets to provide more strength and durability.

The chair has cold-cure foam for better comfort and support.  The foam relieves the pressure by evenly distributing the weight.

The chair has XL-size casters with PU coating to better move the chair.

The Titan EVO features a proprietary sculpted pebble seat base to provide optimal ergonomic support. The seat curvature not only helps to attain a healthy posture but also provides more space to sit comfortably.

The Secretlab Titan has three different premium upholsteries i.e. NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette, SoftWeave™ Plus Fabric, and NAPA Leather.  NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette is 12 times more durable than PU leather. SoftWeave™ Plus Fabric has unique and excellent patterns and it proved more breathable and durable.    

Titan EVO comes with the important feature of having an Anti-counterfeit NFC tag to ensure that you have got an authentic product.


Hero offers attractive unique looks with a high standard of embroidery. The head and back of the chair are decorated with diamond-pattern stitching. There comes a nice embossed Noblechairs crown in the headrest. The brand gives us the freedom to choose various stitching at the time of purchase. The chair features a small, cute-looking Noblechairs emblem in the center.

The Titan also comes with nice stitching options both for the logos and the overall look of the chair. The brand offers full control over the stitching with a unique pattern of looping threads. The chair’s head has a beautiful machine embroidery logo.

Comfort Level

Noblechairs Hero

The Noblechairs Hero offers more space with an enlarged seat and backrest. The one-sized chair has more room to adjust our body while working, playing games, watching movies, dramas, etc. We don’t need any extra cushion for lumbar support, just a small pretty knob is enough to adjust the integrated lumbar to achieve the best support.

Secretlab Titan EVO

It has three different sized chairs. It features integrated lumbar support to give cushion-less support to our neck and back.  The different knobs located on the sides of the back are extremely helpful to adjust the height and depth of lumbar support.


After a detailed analysis of features offered by both chairs, it has been found that the Noblechairs Hero proved more ergonomic despite being a low-priced chair than a Secretlab Titan Evo.

Here is a list of facts that make Noblechaits Hero better than Secretlab Titan:

  • Hero offers more space and has more load capacity than Titan.
  • The lumbar support of Hero is much better, improved, and easy to use
  • Hero is better at rocking while the Titan Evo lacks rocking.

If we consider advanced features, the Titan clearly wins the race. We have seen that Titan comes with more advanced technologies like a pebble seat base, three different premium upholsteries, swappable armrest caps, and a magnetic head pillow.

If you have a warm pocket, you can go for Secretlab Titan to enjoy its advanced features, otherwise, the Noblechairs Hero is a great product with a bit low price and excellent ergonomic features, and built quality.

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