In this era of inflation when the majority of brands have sky-high prices, Respawn proves one of the guys to offer the best gaming chairs on a tight budget. Like other products, two of its gaming chairs Respawn 110 vs 210, are the most known ones among gamers.

The main difference between Respawn 110 and 210 is that the 110 has a padded back and non-padded armrests, and it lacks a footrest, while the 210 has a mesh back, padded armrests, and an extendable footrest. The 210 series offer more ergonomic features in the form of adjustable lumbar support. The 110 (2023) series has more seat width and height and it can be used as both an office and gaming den. Whereas the 210 features more seat depth and works best for gaming decks.

FeaturesRespawn 110Respawn 210
Recline range135 degrees130 degrees
SuitabilityOffice, GamingGaming only
Seat DepthLess 21.3″More 25.4″
Seat WidthMore 28.1″Less 26″
Seat HeightMore 54.5″Less 51.4″

Backrests, each serve different functions

We have a completely different experience with both chairs as each of them comes with a different type of back.

The first one, the 110 series have a non-breathable padded back. Its padded back offers the best soft support, but it has been found poor in air circulation, especially during long gaming sessions. If you are interested in this series, you better go with the fabric version as it offers better ventilation that the version with faux leather.

Designed only for gaming dens, the 210 chairs on other hand come with a non-padded mesh back, offering much better air circulation. Better ventilation keeps our bodies cool and dry and we found it more friendly when it comes to sitting for hours during tough game battles, streaming, etc.


Unlike previous versions, the 110 (2023) series does not have a footrest. Whereas, the 210 chairs feature an extendable footrest. Though some of us don’t consider it an important point, it proves a great factor to provide an added level of comfort for hours-long sitting.

We always love this feature as it makes us more comfortable by reducing the pressure on the lower back and legs. Especially for overnight gaming, it is perfect to enjoy a range of motion and prevent cramps. Moreover, it helps to keep our feet off the ground when not actively playing a game.


Unlike other gaming chairs like Gtracing, Dxracer, and Secretlab which offer plenty of customization, both of these chairs have stationary armrests with no adjustability. The earlier has non-padded while the latter has padded armrests.

Of course, the 210 series scores more as its padded arms are not only found supportive and comfortable, they help to reduce muscle tension and fatigue during long gaming sessions. By offering soft support, such armrests help us focus on games and not on the discomfort of the arms.

Comfort Level

As we know both series come as low-budget products, and we should not expect much from these chairs. Still, these chairs offer enough for what we pay.

The lumbar support found in both found helpful to support the lower back. The first one with integrated lumbar support does not have customization, whereas the 210 series features better adjustable lumbar support, providing custom support by moving it up and down.

Both series have thick padded seat cushions. The cushions have been found of medium quality, just like a beginner-level chair’s cushion. Sitting for a few hours is okay, but such a chair cannot afford the tough usage.


Each of the two chairs has been found best in terms of reclining, one of the most liked features among gamers. Moreover, we can lock the chair at any recline angle. Though in terms of quality, it can not compete with high-end chairs like Embody Logitech, it works enough to give us a pleasant experience on a low budget.

There exists a technical issue as the lever moves far away when we recline, and we can not pull it. Otherwise, it works well.


Respawn 110


  • Padded back
  • More height
  • More recline range
  • Best for office and gaming room


  • Non-padded armrests
  • Poor ventilation

Respawn 210


  • Mesh back
  • Better ventilation
  • Footrest
  • Padded armrest
  • More depth


  • Head cushion is not adjustable

Should I go for 110 or 210?

For us, it all depends on how long you are going to use it.

If you have a tight budget and a plan for 1 or 2 years, you can choose any of the two chairs as both can last for a maximum of 1-2 years.

If you are looking for long-term usage, better to invest in high-end chairs as these chairs can withstand severe usage for longer periods. Even you can go for second-hand high-end chairs in case you are running out of bucks.

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