While comparing lane recliners and lazy boys, are you looking for a comfortable yet stylish recliner? Both brands have known names in recliners production.

Lane began manufacturing the recliners in 1970 and it always adapts the latest technology for its products. From traditional to contemporary, the Lane offers all styles. It could be a high-leg recliner or the one loaded with features like massage, heating, storage, tray table, etc.

The Lazy boy or La-Z-Boy invented the recliner in the late 1920s. Its very first recliner was a wooden structure that was later decorated with upholstery. Nowadays, other than recliners, the company has expanded to include many other products like beds, mattresses, sofas, loveseats, etc.

Besides the comfort, it is very important to choose a recliner that best matches your interior design. It must be of proper size, material, color, pattern, etc.

Having all the relevant information about the recliner makes it easy for us to choose the right recliner.

Lane Recliners vs Lazy Boy – Build Quality

Lane Recliners

Made in America, the Lane offers recliners in hundreds of fabrics and leathers. Lane was the first furniture company to test and use CNS Bandsaw, a precision cutter that cuts all of the wood frames patterns for its products.

The recliners by Lane have excellent lumbar support. Being built with mortise and tenon joints, its recliners are extremely strong and long-lasting. The company provides extra support when needed like in a high leg recliner, there is an extra support block in the center of the recliner to ensure stability. 

Moreover, the rockers and recliner by the Lane have an integrated seat shield mounted on the bottom of the seat box. It boosts seat comfort and durability. The recliners have 8 gauge steel springs attached to the frame. These springs provide comfortable sitting.

All of its products are assembled on a steel superstructure for better quality and years of care-free operation. A number of Lane’s designs come with a wide variety of configurations to better suit your changing lifestyle.

Lazy Boy Recliners

La-Z-Boy recliners are also made in America with around five manufacturing plants in the US. The recliners come with a combination of wood, steel, and fabric. The brand is a bit more expensive than Lane and its recliner’s quality is amazing.

The Lazy Boy has special features that make it different from other brands in the market.

One of its most important features is Uni-Body Frame construction. This means that each side (4 sides) of the chair has a frame for structural integrity. Such a frame is the strongest frame in the industry. Without this frame, the sides shake and may loosen with the passage of time. The Uni-Body frame contains sinuous springs which reduce the stress and provides comfort.

Unlike this, all other recliners come with a three-sided frame i.e. side, back, and side but there is no frame at the front.

The second important feature of La-Z-Boy is its 3 position locking footrest. There is a handle to lock and unlock the footrest. You don’t need to worry about the safety and support due collapse of the footrest. Unlike this, most recliners in the industry come with spring-loaded footrests. When the pressure applies, the footrest flops down.

The third distinctive feature of La-Z-Boy is contour-cut polyurethane foam padding. While most brands use blown-in-fiber to fill their furniture arms, the Lazy Boy uses a laser-guided machine to finely cut the cushion foam.  The contour cut foam does not shift away whenever the pressure applies It provides more comfort and increases the lifespan of the recliner.

Build Quality of Lane and Lazy Boy – Which is Better?

When compared, both Lane and Lazy Boy offer good quality recliners. Both brands have different price ranges for their products. The Lazy Boy charges more, and in fact, has better quality due to high prices. While Lane has medium quality products and its prices are less compared to the Lazyboy.

Product Warranty

Lane Recliners

The Lane offers warranties with certain limitations.  The followings are the details.

  • There shall be no defects in material and/or workmanship.
  • The warranties apply only if the products are bought from an authorized dealer.
  • There shall be no warranty if the consumer makes alterations to the product.
  • Warranty for Reclining Mech (springs & rails) Parts: 7 Years,  Labor: 1 Year
  • Sinuous Springs & System, Parts: 5 Years, Labor: 1 Year

Lazy Boy Recliners

The Lazy Boy also offers warranties with certain limitations. Here are the details

  • Lane offers warranties for repair, replacement, or substitution only.
  • The brand doesn’t offer refunds.
  • Warranties shall be limited to manufacturing and material defects that appear under normal, residential use.
  • All warranties apply to products purchased from authorized dealers.
  • Transfer of warranties is not allowed.

Comfort Level

Lane Recliner

The Lane offers an exclusive zero-gravity reclining mechanism. Its power lift recliners come with hand-free closure features. A motor is used to lift and retract the chair with just a push of a button. The Lane’s Rocker Recliner offers motor-based rocking motions. Each power recliner offers a variety of motions.

Its recliners offer infinite positions and more extension for better reclining. The 3 inches height from the floor makes the recliner more comfortable. You will feel floating in the air. There is a locking footrest and you will get full leg support. 

The brand uses high-density foam and environmentally friendly fiber to ensure the ultimate back and neck support.

You can enjoy the massage and heat features on its Wall Savers (-97), Rocker Recliners (-98), and Gliders (-95). The Lane’s swivel recliner lets you relax while twirling your seat facing friends, TV screen, etc.  

Lazy Boy Recliners

While choosing the Lazy Boy recliner, you will get next-level comfort. Its recliners have double-picked premium fiber that retains its shape. There are airform seat cushions for exceptional support and pressure relief.

The Lazy Boy recliner lets you recline and rock back at the same time. The chair reclines back while the footrest is down. With this feature, you can rock while having a slouched position. No other recliners in the market offer this function. Such recliners do not recline back as their back is tied to the footrest.

If you go for Lazy Boy, you will get laser-cut pieces of foam that not only match the shape of each part of the chair but also boost the appearance. The finely cut foam provides long-lasting comfort.

Comfort Level of Lane and Lazy Boy – Which is Better?

On the basis of our sitting experience, we have found the Lazy Boy recliners more comfortable than the Lane recliners.


There are multiple factors to consider while deciding about a recliner.

We noticed that Lane recliners come with medium quality while those of La-Z-Boy have high quality and they cost high. If you are looking for short-term usage, go for a rental or a cheap recliner. La-Z-Boy recliners are expensive due to their high quality.

The Lazy Boy recliners are more comfortable than the Lane recliners. People who used Lazy Boy are more satisfied in terms of durability, support, and comfort.

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