Giving an exact reply to the query that “how much does a chair weigh” is quite difficult as the weight limit varies greatly depending on the frame material, chair type, and size. Most of the chairs fall within a weight range of 10 lbs to 75 lbs. Exceptions are always e.g. there is a portable Helinox Zero Chair with a weight of only 1 lb. While on the other side, there comes an Ogawa Massage Chair that weighs 275 lbs.

Frame Material

The old luxury-styled wooden chairs hold the top stop in the weight category. Wooden frame has been found one of the most heavy-weight materials among other materials. 

Then comes the metallic frame that features less weight than the wooden one. Steel and aluminum are the majorly used metals in chair frames, proving the second heaviest material after wood.

Next comes the plastic chairs which have been one of the most lightweight and popular chairs in the market. Acrylic, Polycarbonate (PC), and Polyethylene (PE) are the most lightweight, durable, and widely used plastic frames in the furniture industry.  

Chair Weight and its relation to Chair type and size

Most office and portable chairs have small sizes, resulting in lightweight to ensure easy mobility. These chairs have a minimalist look with a low frame weight.

While a big percentage of domestic chairs are made of wooden frames, resulting in more weight. As this furniture is a bit difficult to move, such chairs work best at home where we do not move the chairs frequently. Such furniture better suits the domestic environment.

Portable chairs

Most portable chairs come as foldable chairs so that the user can easily take them from one place to another. In order to ease the transfer, these chairs have a lightweight frame, preferably made of metal or plastic. An average portable chair weighs between 1 lbs to 25 lbs

These chairs have comparatively small sizes than other chairs. Such types of chairs are used in camping, hiking, beach, outdoor sitting, fishing, etc. 

Office Chairs

An average office chair weighs between 15 lbs to 50 lbs, designed to support different types of users. As these chairs are not designed to move from one place to another, such chairs have heavier frames and sizes, making them heavyweight than portable chairs. Such chairs are mostly made of metal or plastic frames. Heavy and big-size office chairs can have a weight of up to 60 lbs.

Domestic/ Dining Chairs

Such chairs have an average weight range of 13 lbs. Mostly made of wood, these chairs have heavier frames than portable and office chairs. The dining chairs have a higher amount of padding and decoration than other chairs, making them heavier in weight.


Being an expensive and luxurious chair, the recliner is equipped with a heavy structure, making it one of the heaviest pieces of furniture than any other chair. The recliners have an average weight of 100 lbs.

Why Do People Consider the Chair Weight?

People like to know the chair’s weight because of three main reasons: Traveling purpose, Minimalist look, and Cost

Traveling Purpose

People who visit different places or travel frequently prefer lightweight chairs to easily move them from one place to another. Due to their lightweight, you can easily carry these chairs in your luggage.

Minimalist Look

Most users, especially office workers like minimalist chairs with lightweight frames. Such chairs not only have a decent look, but they also better suit the office interior.


Heavy chairs use more material and labor costs, resulting in higher prices. In contrast, lightweight chairs use a small amount of material and labor usage, offering low prices.

Concluding Remarks

We have found the chair’s weight greatly helps the user to make the best decision. Having a complete idea of your furniture’s weight helps you choose the right one for your home, office, traveling, etc.

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