We all know that an ergonomic task chair is a must both for work and our health. It becomes more pleasant when we found a good ergonomic chair with a low budget. Both are the product of Staples. Both share multiple similarities and differences. In this article, I will be talking in detail about Staples Hyken vs Dexley.

Hyken is an average-sized mesh office chair, it has a narrow seat, narrow armrests, and small lumbar support, and it better suits average-sized people. The chair comes with a recline lock and standard-sized caster wheels. It comes in three different colors.

Being an executive chair., Dexley chair has a wide seat, wide armrests, and better lumbar support, and is best for tall people. It comes with better quality large-sized caster wheels. The chair has no recline lock and it is only available in black color.

Staples Hyken vs Dexley: Differences

Office Chair
Office Chair
Overall Dimensions45.28″ – 49.76″ H
x 27.1″W x 27.2″D
45.3″ – 50.8″ H
x 28.2″ W x 28.6″ D
Seat Dimensions17.24-20.98″H
x 19.37″W x 16.77″D
16.6″ – 20.3″ H
x 20.1″ W x 18.3″ D
Adjustable Lumbar
(for people with
Height 5.3″ – 5.10″ )
(for people with
Height over 5.10″ )
Recline lockVariable Position
Tilt Lock
Only Upright Seat
Tilt Lock
(No recline lock)
Ideal forAverage people
(Height less than 5.10″)
Tall people
(Height more than 5.10″)
Space Between ArmrestsNarrowWider
Colors OptionsBlack, Red, GreyBlack
Armrest PaddingLess SoftMore Soft
Seat spaceLessMore
Seat StyleContouredMore Straight
Waterfall Seat EdgeYesNo
Caster Wheel SizeStandard SizeLarge size
Chair Weight48 lbs.36.9 lbs.
Staples Hyken vs Dexley: Differences


Hyken is a standard-size task chair that we usually use in our offices. While Dexley is an executive office chair with more space and features for tall people.

Overall Dimensions

The earlier has low dimensions compared with the latter. It has a minimum of 45.28-inch height and a maximum of 49.76-inch height. While it features 27.1-inch width and 27.2-inch depth.

The latter, on the other side, has higher dimensions. It comes with a minimum of 45.3-inch height and a maximum of 50.8-inch height. The chair has 28.2-inch width and 28.6-inch depth.

Seat Dimensions

The first one has low seat dimensions compared with the second one. We can adjust its seat height from 17.24 inches to 20.98 inches. The seat has a 19.37-inch width and a 16.77-inch depth.

While the second one has higher seat dimensions. It lets us easily adjust the seat from 16.6 inches to a maximum of 20.3 inches. The seat offers more room by having a 20.1-inch width and 18.3-inch depth.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

The former has small adjustable lumbar support for people under 5.10″. There is a small lumbar cushion behind the back.  It does not offer enough height adjustments as I only adjust it around 3 inches up and down and can’t move it in or out. It works well for short/average people but for tall people, it is worthless.

While the latter offers a relatively better adjustable lumbar support and it works well for tall people with a height over 5.10″. The lumbar cushion allows me easily adjusted it up and down at 4 different positions. Its enhanced adjustment provides me with better lower back support.

Recline Lock

The previous chair comes with a recline lock and has the capacity to recline up to 140°. I can lock it at 4 different positions and its variable position tilt lock lets me lock the chair at multiple reclining angles. Multiple locking positions allow me to enjoy different positions.

The subsequent one also offers recline of up to 140 degrees but it lacks a recline lock and we cannot lock our reclining position. However, there is an upright seat tilt lock that allows us to lock the seat in an upright position.

Ideal For

With low dimensions both for the overall chair and the seat, the first one is considered best for short and average people with a height of less than 5.10″.

While the second one has more dimensions for the chair and seat, it works best for tall people with a height above 5.10″. Tall people found it more spacious and comfortable.

Space Between Armrests

The earlier has narrow armrests with a small space between them. It’s difficult for a tall person to use this chair with narrow armrests.

Being designed for tall users, the latter has wide armrests with more space between them. When assembling the chair, I can easily adjust the space between them. Wider arms give more space and comfort.

Seat Style

The earlier chair features a contoured seat to provide better support by relieving the seated pressure.

While the latter has a more straight and flat seat design at the center.

Waterfall Seat Edge

The front of the Hyken seat has a rounded waterfall edge. I found it more comfortable as it greatly reduces pressure on my limbs.

Though the Dexley also features a sloped seat at the front, it lacks a proper waterfall seat edge.

Staples Hyken vs Dexley: Similarities

Tilt TypeSynchro-tilt mechanismSynchro-tilt mechanism
Headrest Adjustment2-Way
(Height and
(Height and
Armrest Adjustment1-Way
(Height Adjustment)
(Height Adjustment)
Frame and BasePlasticPlastic
Hydraulic Gas LiftAverage QualityAverage Quality
Tilt TensionYesYes
Recline Range140 degrees140 degrees
Caster Wheel TypeCarpet/Hard FloorCarpet/Hard Floor
Upholstery FabricBreathable MeshBreathable Mesh
Seat and BackMeshMesh
Weight Holding Capacity275 lbs.275 lbs.
Chair Assembly Full Assembly RequiredFull Assembly Required
Return Policy30-Days
(60-Days for Preferred
Business Members)
(60-Days for Preferred
Business Members)
Warranty7-Year (Limited)7-Year (Limited)
Staples Hyken vs Dexley: Similarities

Tilt Type

Both chairs feature the synchro-tilt mechanism.

Note: Based on Staple’s details, the FlexFit™ Hyken has a swivel tilt mechanism, but in fact, it has a synchro-tilt mechanism.

Synchro tilt also called multi tilt mechanism is a type of chair tilt mechanism in which the backrest and seat pan reclines with a 2:1 ratio. For example, if the backrest reclines 100 degrees, the seat will recline 50 degrees.

I like Synchronized tilting as it offers the following ergonomic benefits:

  • We can recline back while keeping our feet on the floor.
  • It helps to achieve a balanced posture.
  • Improves circulation to the legs
  • It shifts the weight and reduces the pressure on the spine.

Headrest Adjustments

Both chairs have height and angle adjustable headrests.

The headrest of the first one offers minor height adjustments. It can be tilted up to 3 different positions and I am able to move it forward or back by 15 degrees. I can adjust the headrest with my hand to my preferred height.

One of my friends who is 5.10″ plus, tried the Hyken and found it uncomfortable as its headrest is not flexible. It would be beneficial only for short people.

The latter on the other side has better height adjustments for its head and we were able to tilt it at multiple angles. Dexley is great for its multi-angle headrest adjustment.

Frame and Base

The frames and bases of both chairs are made of heavy-duty plastic. Both chairs feature 5-star bases. The frames and bases are strong enough to support heavy loads.

Upholstery Fabric

Both chairs have mesh fabric upholstery to cover all the resting areas like the seat, back and headrest.  We found the mesh of both chairs low-quality fabrics that can’t support heavy loads.

Chair Assembly

Both of these come fully unassembled. You will need to assemble the chair by yourself or you can call the nearby store for in-home assembly.

Build Quality

Both Hyken and Dexley are low-end chairs. Most parts of these chairs have a plastic build. The mesh used in both chairs does not feel stiff and supportive as found in high-end ergonomic chairs like Aeron, Workpro Quantum 9000 or 12000, etc.

In our seating experience, we observed that Dexley has a much better quality for its lumbar support, armrests, arm padding, headrest, and casters. While Hyken comparatively has a down category for all of its parts.

Comfort Level

All of us are satisfied with each of the two chairs. Despite low-budget mesh chairs, we got enough comfort for what we paid. There are very few ergonomic chairs that offer such adjustments at low prices. The latter performs a bit better in terms of comfort.

Lumbar Support

Like high-end chairs, both have adjustable lumbar cushions behind their backs. The lumbar support of the first one cannot be adjusted too high and proves beneficial for our testers with short/avg heights. All of our tall coworkers are happy with the latter which has a better lumbar.

Recline and Synchro-Tilt Mechanism

With each chair, you can enjoy a recline range of up to 140 degrees. Hyken chair allows you to recline and lock the back at four different angles. While in Dexley, you will be able to recline without any recline lock. It features an upright seat tilt lock.

One of the essential features of both chairs is a Synchro-tilt mechanism which improves circulation to the legs and reduces the pressure on the spine to achieve a healthier posture.


Both come with height-adjustable armrests. All our staff noticed the rock-hard armrest padding of the Hyken. While we found the armrests of the latter softer and more comfortable.

Breathable Mesh

We are 100% happy with the air circulation features of both chairs. The mesh fabric greatly facilitates the airflow between the chair and our body. Better airflow keeps our body cool and prevents the formation of sweat, bum sweat, etc.


The previous has a contoured seat with a waterfall seat edge to improve circulation and relieves pressure on the limbs. On the other hand, the last one has a straight seat at the center.


Staples Hyken


  • Recline lock
  • Contoured seat
  • Waterfall seat edge
  • Synchro-tilt mechanism


  • Annoying headrest
  • Hard armrests padding



  • More seating space
  • Soft armrests padding
  • Better headrest
  • Synchro-tilt mechanism


  • No recline lock

Final Remarks

If you are an average-sized user and have a height of less than 5.10″, you should go for Hyken. The chair has a lumbar cushion and a headrest that work well for average-height users. Its contoured seat and waterfall seat edge have been supportive and comfortable for the limbs.

If you are a heavy and tall user and have a height of more than 5.10″, you must go for Dexley. It has more seating space and wider armrests. The chair’s lumbar support and headrest are ideal for tall users.

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